Wednesday, 28 October

Budapest promises similar measures in response if Kyiv dares to expel Hungarian consul in Beregovo in Ukrainian Zakarpattya region. This was announced on Sunday by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Syarto before the departure to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, according to Hungarian edition Origo

“If the Ukrainian side expels the Hungarian consul, it will not be left without a proportional respond from the Hungarian side, but there is hope that this can be avoided,” said Syarto to the journalists.
The minister confirmed that he would meet with Ukrainian counterpart Klimkin in New York, adding that anti-Hungarian sentiment has intensified recently in Ukraine.

He relates this to the preparation for upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Syyarto said that last week’s events “went beyond” and overtook all the “written and unwritten rules of international law and diplomacy,” since the Ukrainian intelligence services “conducted a special operation in the Hungarian Consulate of NATO.” “Dual citizenship is widespread in Europe, and if Ukraine really wants to move towards the EU, it can’t question such an institution,” he said. Syarto added that Hungary will continue to take steps that will slow the movement of Ukraine towards the EU and NATO.

We remind you that during the last week a new crisis has begun in the relations between Ukraine and Hungary. It was caused by a video from the ceremony of Ukrainian Zakarpattia region citizens obtaining a new Hungarian one. It took place at the consulate in Berehove. On the video, the consul urged the Zakarpattia region to hide their citizenship from the Ukrainian authorities.

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