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Well, let’s bring some victory to our web pages? Two ships of the Ukrainian Navy, a search and rescue vessel “Donbas” and a tugboat “Korets”, passed under the so-called Kerch Bridge and entered the Azov Sea. By the end of this year, they plan to create a base for the Navy of Ukraine in Berdyansk. More details about the new front of victories – in reactions from Opinion.

As it was reported on the page of the Ukrainian Navy in the social network, our ships did not request permission from the aggressor state but simply used their right for free navigation in the Kerch Strait and the Azov Sea in accordance with the UN Convention and international agreements. However, the press service of the navy confesses: the transition to the Sea of Azov took place in a rather difficult environment. In the Black Sea waters Ukrainian ships were accompanied by a reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet and by Russian border guards.  And in the Kerch Strait for the convoy of our ships more than ten vessels of the FSB and the Russian Navy were involved. To this Russians has also added their planes, which were sometimes flying at extremely low altitudes. Russia repeatedly violated international rules and created dangerous situations.

However, in the press center of the navy command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasizes: the ships continue to carry out their task, and the aggressor is not allowed to make the Sea of Azov its inner lake.

Such news, as a rule, is perceived by our network as almost a complete victory, so there’s no division of opinion, aka victory/treason. So we will try to understand why it is all good. By the way, Petro Poroshenko appreciated the success of the passage of Ukrainian ships; he thanked the ships’ crews for the perfectly executed order.

Roman Kulyk, a blogger, social activist, and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, stressed that this news is the first precedent when the Ukrainian Navy was able to transfer its ships to the Sea of Azov under the Crimean Bridge. In addition, the entire transition process of our navy was accompanied by a reconnaissance aircraft of US Air Forces.  So in such an environment, the poor Russians did not dare to block ships, they’ve only accompanied them with a whole fleet.

What do we have now? According to Kylyk, now, besides the boats of the Mariupol border detachment, we have two more small armored artillery boats in the Azov, conditionally stationary “Donbas”, “Korets”, “Lubny” and “Kremenchuk”. We also have something to boast of on the shore: 501 and 503 battalions of 36th brigade of marines, etc. Of course, you can laugh and sarcastically ask how these forces can deter the entire Russian fleet. But, come on, friends, before this there were no reaction to the situation created by the aggressor state in the Azov Sea. Now we start to take everything under our control. We keep our fingers crossed.

What conclusions can be made out of this news? The MP Vadym Denysenko tried to answer for this question. First of all, he stressed that the operation on the relocation of our ships to Azov sea was brilliant, both from a military and from a political point of view. And the conclusion is following – Russians, despite some provocations, are afraid of direct conflict. And there are two reasons for it. The first is that an open conflict will immediately mean an increase in sanctions and Moscow can’t bear it today. Another reason is the pre-election space. The fact is that Russians are betting on the so-called parties of peace, and therefore any kind of escalation is very unfavorable for them. They need us to forget about the war and the aggressors themselves.

The MP is convinced that this is a great opportunity to use. According to him we should behave more freely, including the Azov Sea. So get ready to feel the changes that Russians hadn’t even expected, my darlings.

Nazar Rozlutsky, historian, writer and ATO veteran, believes that in this success of the Navy one can see the key to the future return of the Crimea. This is also one of the factors that will contribute to further victory. And such news, in the words of the writer, is worth the same amount of attention as any sports achievements that we report and like far more actively.

Maria Podybaylo, the chairman of the public organization “Novyi Mariupol”, emphasized: we, and especially residents of Azov area, must know the situation, understand what’s going on, watch and be alert. Even with all the successes, the threat is still there, but the process is constantly moving. If we’re prepared to protect our land – there’s no need to use force.

Political scientist Oleh Saakyan called the step made by the Navy – tactical regaining of the initiative. If the ships were not let in, this could be an additional card up  Ukrainian diplomats’ sleeves.   However, the expert is convinced that we also need a strategic initiative that can break the entire alignment of forces. To do this, Sahakyan proposes to use the principle of the frontier, to delegate part of the security function to local fishermen, to equip fishing boats with arms and to give each of them a few trained veterans.

The expert believes that this can deal with several problems at once, including resolving the balance of power in the waters, reducing social tensions among the local population and complicating the possibility of provocative actions of the Russian Federation. This is one of the non-standard steps, but some countries, as well as Ukrainian society itself, don’t really think of it as of something fantastic. What what’s up? Let’s go fishing?

The employee of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Oleh Medvedchuk, is sure that powerful defense forces should be created in Mariupol, Berdyansk and Odessa, as well as measures to suppress separatist sentiment should be taken.

And for those who are scrolling and looking for some screenshot, here are some words from a journalist, musician, and deacon Roman Colyada. “Just because we can. And we have no need to ask anyone,” come on; try to argue with these words.

And for my most enduring readers – a large and thorough analysis of the situation made by the journalist and editor-in-chief of the Internet portal “Censor.Net” Yuriy Butusov. He is convinced that the empowerment in the Azov Sea will not change the situation quickly, because Russia can continue to carry out a naval blockade and delay our ships. What shall we do? To counter it with a complex of political and military actions. Now let’s see what exactly we need.

As for the political actions, Butusov says: if we cannot provide full security, we need to open the possibility of bringing our allies from NATO for convoying the ships. For this it is necessary to cancel the internal status of the Azov Sea – it won’t hurt us.

As for the military action, Yuriy Butusov tried to cool down the criticism of those who point at the poor equipment of the Ukrainian Navy. The fact is that if we need to attack Russian ships, vessels are not going to open fire, but planes and helicopters are going to do it.  The expert does not exclude the possibility of new provocations from an aggressor state.

And the last question for now: what to do? One sentence is not enough here, because it will also be a demonstration that Russia will not go unpunished, and the rupture of the agreement on the Azov Sea, and the involvement of NATO countries, etc. So read and be smart boys and girls. I’ll see you it in the next reaction.

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