Police arrested suspects in the attack on Odesa activist Oleh Mykhailyk. This is reported by sources of INSIDER.

According to the publication, law enforcers seized the revolver from which the activist was probably shot.

At the moment, the suspect is in the same hospital as the victim Mykhailyk. It is the city’s clinical hospital № 1. Two more suspects are in the investigatory isolation.

Law enforcers wanted to send a suspect Tornike Nagladze to the temporary detention facility. He is a group one disabled person and in his possessions, a crime weapon was allegedly found.

During the attempt of the police to bring a suspect from the clinic ward, around twenty Georgians tried to interfere with the transfer. They came there to support Mr. Nagladze.

The police were reinforced by special forces KORD, which “pacified” the fighters.

About 10 people were detained.

As we know, on the evening of September 22, Oleh Mykhailyk a public activist and head of the local branch of the “People’s Power” party in Odesa, was shot.

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