Wednesday, 28 October

The former so-called “Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of the DPR” provides evidence of Russia’s involvement in the occupation of certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk region, UNIAN reports.

“Law enforcers found out that in September 2014, a man joined the ranks of illegal armed formations. Initially, he was engaged in the supply of fertilizers, fuel and lubricants and other commodities like the purchase of grain and agricultural products in the so-called ‘Industrial Stronghold of Donbas’. Subsequently, after chairing the “Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food” of the terrorist group, under the guidance of Zakharchenko, a criminal under the supervision of Russian intelligence services provided the formation of the state and the functioning of the fake structure. Among other things, he also ‘authorized’ the arrival of the so-called ‘Russian humanitarian convoy’ on the occupied territories of the Donbas,” the report said.

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