The state concern of broadcasting, radio, and television has switched off the analog broadcasting of the TV channel UA: Pershyi for debts. It is reported that the amount of arrears for the received TV programs broadcasting services is almost 69.4 million hryvnias. More about (un)available broadcast – in reactions from Opinion.

Zurab Alasania, the head of the TV channel, made a rather interesting parallel with the situation surrounding UA: Pershyi. It’s like, at first, they’d torn off the baby’s hands, and when they saw that it was still alive in ten months, they’ve decided to tear off its legs, waiting for new records. More interesting wording for debts, published by Alasania was maybe this one: the state’s debts to the state. What do you think who’s right, a state or a state? And who’s guilty?

More restrained (which, in fact, it is quite logical) this news was commented on at the TV channel’s webpage in the social media. In particular, they report that since April 2018 there is no provision for money to pay for analog broadcasts in the budget allocated by the Verkhovna Rada for UA: PBC. Actually, this led to the appearance of debt to the state concern of broadcasting, radio, and television.

The TV channel explains: the growth of debts could lead to the cessation of broadcasting not only for TV and radio programs of the UA: PBC but also a large number of other national TV and radio channels, including digital television. The appeal also states that UA: PBC understands this compulsory step, but has no financial ability to fulfill its obligations and pay for broadcasting services.

Also, the Board of “UA: PBC” states the authorities’ reluctance to finance public service broadcasting. Just count yourself: to pay for all broadcasts, you need 330 million UAH per year, however, only 54.7 million UAH are allocated and foreseen in terms of budget allocations.  In spite of the fact that the UA: PBC has repeatedly addressed the government regarding the critical situation and warned that this could lead to the disconnection of analog broadcasting.

However, the political expert, Olexiy Minakov, seems to have found a somewhat different explanation to switching off the analog broadcasting UA: Pershyi: among the programs of TV channel are “Schemes” and “Our money”, which, to say it mildly, are not liked by corruption. So, the expert believes that it is convenient for some politicians and oligarchs to keep the media field under control, as much as possible, so that none of the investigating journalists don’t say anything odd. Moreover, Minakov stressed that the government deliberately kills our own Ukrainian television. And this happens at the same time, when “Inter”, “112”, “NewsOne” feel themselves calmly. That’s just for the record.

However, the political expert, Mykola Spiridonov, said that over the last few years, after the first funding problems had started, many students were working on the TV channel. Visually – about two-thirds of the total number of employees. However, the biggest talents later left to more “bread-wining” places.

Instead, blogger Bohdan Karpenko ironically named the leader of UA: Pershyi Zurab Alasania “a wonderful reformer”, adding that when the Ministry of Defense, the Interior Ministry, the GPU or the SBU were lacking funds – these structures, headed by “bad reformers” still managed to continue their work, and even the aggressor-state with its large army couldn’t defeat us. But what could they do? Just to say the same way: we do not have enough money, we stop our work. That’s the thought, my darlings.

Approximately with the same mood, the communications manager of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research Oleksandr Ravchev directed his complaint to the Government of Groisman. He assured that the parliamentarians have surprisingly strange priorities: to find 500 million UAH for launching the all-Ukrainian budget of participation, but not to find 330 million UAH for Public Broadcasting.

Oleksandr Slavskyi, program director of Impact Hub Odesa, in his turn, decided not to say anything concrete, but instead to fly somewhere between the clouds, “unbiased television is very important” and “balanced TV and modern education are the necessary conditions for development.” Dear Lord, I wouldn’t like to participate in that development, where one of the key conditions is television, any kind of it.

And finally, what you like more than any other commentators – a little bit of a Facebook creativity, which with humor and pleasantly concise tries to put everything in its place.

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