Well, before the “Night on Bankova” the Attorney General decided to add some fuel, assuring that civic activists are guilty of creating an atmosphere of hatred to power. Thus, the slow investigation of assaults is… their fault also. More details about the unexpected statement and the response of the “guilty” activists – in reactions from Opinion.

In fact, it’s very simple, such statements about activists, according to blogger Anton Hodza, are simply a demonstration that Mr. Yuriy Lutsenko is a born diplomat who masterly shot himself in a leg. And why not? It’s better than to close this bunch of assault cases. There’s plenty of activists in the country, there will be new ones.

Then, however (don’t forget to turn on your sarcasm receptors), Hodza added that these super-active citizens are guilty themselves. Well, why not? They’d better sit like all normal Falk, go to work, give likes to the posts about the opening of IKEA in Ukraine, those ones never be beaten, and they are unlikely going to Bankova (the street that houses the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and various official residences). No, they are everywhere, and then they’re whining. What are those people?

However, it can be even simpler, for example, as blogger and political scientist Leonid Shvets says: no activists – no problems. Cause they’re making a pretty headache for poor law enforcers, who should now be distracted from removing kittens from trees.

As for ingenious tactics of Yuriy Lutsenko, it was shared with us by blogger Serhiy Naumovich. According to him, everything is as plain as the nose on your face: at first, you promise total justice at the Maidan, the resignation of all security officials and prosecutors forever, and then you just come to power and … leave the old personnel everywhere, give a calm life to all kinds of corrupt officials. Indeed, after this, one can wonder that society and activists can criticize the authorities for some kind of action. Or, just imagine, for the lack of these actions. Dreamers, no doubt.

And now, let’s take a look at everything from a different perspective, as the blogger Ivan Oberemko did. There are those activists who for the second month in a row are asking loudly, who has ordered all these numerous assaults, and who are hating all these unknown customers. And here comes Mr. Lutsenko and says that activists… hate authorities. A simple mathematics, from this equation, it turns out that the Attorney General thinks that the customers are… authorities? How do you like it, Elon Musk?

By the way, why do we writing this stuff, reading it, gathering for some “nights” and all that kind of things? Serhiy Sternenko (the same activist who was the target of three assassination attempts, none of which has yet been disclosed), offers simply to create… an apology department. Oh, at this moment, Anton Herashchenko is just happily crying. All the activists will come to this department and finally apologize for the fact that assaults on them are not being investigated. Ehh, Serhiy, this should have been done before when you were creating all that hatred to the authorities. Do you see what can this timelessness do?

And have you heard the news that the ones who attacked the activist Vitaliy Ustymenko were captured? So, Vitaliy himself considers it strange that this happened right now, at the time of the most obvious engagement of the law enforcement agencies of the Odesa region. He says he doesn’t believe in such a wonderful coincidence. However, the most bizarre thing for the activist is that there’s still no slightest hint about potential customers in this case. In any case, Ustymenko stresses: we are offered a bone in exchange for weakening the pressure. However only pressure can advance the cases a little bit. This is the vicious circle we have, Mr. Yuriy?

Iryna Bekeshkina, a sociologist and director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, admitted that she was surprized by Yuriy Lutsenko’s frankness.  However, she noted that the hatred is a right thing because the victims are mostly activists who fought the corruption, illegal construction works and the like. As for corruption and corrupt officials in power, they should be hated, including the Prosecutor General himself. And again the vicious circles, and again let’s think, whom it’s easier to make guilty?

Reactions were collected and a sound Prosecutor’s Office was dreamt of by Stepan the Goat

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