Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

September comes to its end with a serious presentation of the autumn processes in Ukraine. The atmospheric front has passed with cold and rains, the cyclone flew by with a storm wind and finally, the first frosts have appeared. There could be no autumn without frosts.

The final tour of September will also show an interesting, varied and time-challenging weather.

After cooling to total frosts, Friday will give us a luxurious, albeit, short-term warming.

The daytime air temperature in most regions of Ukraine will be +17 +22 degrees. There will be a lot of sun, the dry air mass will prevail.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The anticyclone from Western Europe is organizing such a favorable synoptic situation.

However, already on Saturday, September 29, the next atmospheric front will bring again rain, a gusty wind and it’s going to get colder around +12 +16 degrees. The southern part and south of Ukraine will still linger in dry weather with an air temperature of up to +20 degrees.

On September 30, Vira, Nadiya, and Lyubov (Faith, Hope, and Love ‒ translator’s note) feast, the dry sunny weather will reign again in Ukraine. Columns of thermometers will fluctuate within +12 +17 degrees, and in the south and east +15 +20 degrees.

Therefore, on Sunday you can safely plan walks, trips, and visits to relatives, friends, or outstanding places of sightseeing and magnificent natural resorts of Ukraine. You only have to dress something warm and not to forget the dark sunglasses.

October 1, dry weather in Ukraine will stay, the sun will shine everywhere, the air temperature is expected to be from +14 to +20 degrees.

On October 2, 3 and 4, there will be more clouds, atmospheric fronts will cause occasional rains, from small to moderate. Precipitation will alternate with clarifications.

The air temperature in night hours will be +4 +10 degrees, in the eastern regions and in the south of Ukraine +9 +15 degrees.

During the day at the beginning of next week it is expected the following weather: on October 2 ‒ +16 +22 degrees, on October 3 it will cool down to +9 +14 degrees in the west, on October 4 cooling will cover most of the western, northern, and central regions. The south and east will still have warm air, up to +16 +22 degrees.

In Kyiv on September 28, the weather is expected to be comfortable, without precipitation and around +20 degrees.

On Saturday, there will be rain in the capital and the daytime air temperature will drop to +15 degrees.

September will end in Kyiv with the dry, sunny, but cool weather. On Sunday it is supposed to be +13 +15 degrees. Excellent time for walking outside and breath fresh air.

The beginning of October will not bring significant changes in the synoptic situation in the capital. On October 1 and 2, a high atmospheric pressure, dry air and an air temperature of +15 +18 degrees will predominate.

On October 3 and 4, the atmospheric fronts will approach the capital, which will cause an increase in humidity, clouds, and periodic rains. The air temperature will fluctuate within +13 +16 degrees.

September turns into October with beautiful weather of elegiac rains, morning fogs, yellow leaves, and an incredibly warm sun.

If you monitor carefully weather forecasts, prepare correctly for any synoptic situation ‒ then neither fall metamorphosis, the helplessness of public utilities, nor rains with frosts are terrible.

Autumn shows us its love in the desire to cling to each other and appreciate the human and atmospheric warmth.

Natalka Didenko

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