Odesa designer presented a collection of underwear for children, which eventually spread through the network: users accused the authors of a sexual innuendo and claimed the photo too explicit. Even the president’s human rights commissioner responded to the photo session, which received a scandalous status. What’s wrong with the pictures – in reactions from Opinion.

The new linen collection gained extraordinary, albeit scandalous, popularity in the network due to the journalist Alina Sugonyako. Because it was that post that together with dissatisfied comments spread through the pages of hundreds of users.  In the text itself, the author of the post urged everyone who sees such pictures or advertisements to contact law enforcement agencies. After all, according to the journalist, it is sexualization of the child in its pure form.

Many texts have already been written about scandalous photos and even TV spots were made, so it’s not a surprise that the president’s child’s rights commissioner has reacted to the situation. According to Mykola Kuleba, this is not advertising of children’s clothing, it is a crime committed against children with the consent or desire of their own parents. Kuleba stresses: at first glance, the photos are more suitable for advertising of brothel than of children’s underwear. He is not surprised by the actions of the photographer, but he does not understand the position of the parents, and whether they understand the consequences of such photo sessions.

Actually, the alleged consequences were published by the child rights commissioner in the same post. According to him, this is also the risk of turning children into victims of bullying, and the likelihood that pictures can get to the porn sites, early sexualization of children, attracting the attention of pedophiles, etc. Kuleba believes that criminal proceedings should be opened on this fact, and the perpetrators should be punished. These are the photo sessions we have.

However, the reaction of other network’s users is not so different from the reaction of Mykola Kuleba. For example, the book editor Yulia Oskolska wrote that the picture was actually made quite professionally: all the details and nuances of the topic were taken into account, the author studied everything from the appearance of a boudoir to a painful blush and curls. Moreover, children were given into their hands a pion that seems to be a symbol of mature femininity and an invitation to marriage. So, sometimes, as for me, it’s better not to be able to see symbolism in something and perceive those symbols, because it can turn out rather differently.

Tetiana Mokridi, the wife of Ukrainian politician and diplomat Roman Bezsmertny, reacted to the pictures with the advertisement of children’s lingerie in the same negative way, she inquired “ what is in the head of the designer and parents.” This, in general, is the short summary of all those tens or hundreds of comments to the photo session, there is no sophisticated analytics or profound critique in them.

However, the journalist Kateryna Peshko tried to find at least some kind of a “way out” for the authors of the photo session: to make a press conference, to show photos once again and admit that the project was created not for a week of fashion or sales of lingerie, but to draw attention to the problems of pedophilia or sexualization of children. Hmm. If it was done this way, someone would definitely receive the award for the most decisive social advertising in Ukraine. But reality does not live on Facebook, there’s nothing to be done.

And finally, a post by blogger Vitaliy Grinchuk, who seems to have spoken about the main disadvantage of the entire photo session, if we ignore the issue of sexualization. So, my darlings, take care of yourself and your advertising companies.

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