A new art object was opened in the center of Kyiv in place of the destroyed Lenin monument. Well-well, we’re talking about the very blue hand that has captured all the news feeds on Facebook. So, this hand is named the “Middle Way” and according to the design of the Romanian sculptor, Bogdan Rață symbolizes the friendship and communication. What symbols and associations Facebook users have discovered for themselves – in the reactions from Opinion.

Before moving on to ridiculous (and not very) jokes and comments, let’s read what our officials are writing on the subject of the raucous blue hand. For example, the director of the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration Diana Popova said that the sculpture was temporarily opened within the framework of the international project “Moving Monuments”. And the very place was not chosen by chance: Romanians, as Popova says, like Ukrainians, spent most of their history under a totalitarian regime, and therefore the symbol of friendship and understanding that appeared in the place of Lenin is not accidental.

Anton Taranenko, the head of the Tourism and Promotion Department of the Kyiv City State Administration, rushed to tell us that in ancient times such a palm was a charm that protected against disaster and damage. And in Hinduism and Buddhism, this is a symbol of help and compassion. Oh, Mr. Anton now, “common folk” got everything because everyone was waiting for a small excursion into history.

For the sake of justice, I’ll add that not everybody understands the hype around the blue arm. Here is the journalist Arkady Babchenko, the one who died and then resurrected in the name of the holy SBU, treated the new sculpture quite calmly. Like, in other countries you can find more interesting parts of the human body in the midst of urban architecture. So, Arkady, let’s go to around the world expedition?

However, I can’t say that Babchenko is wrong. Moreover, as the writer and translator Kateryna Kalytko explained, for the Romanian sculptor this is far from the first experiment with separate parts of the human body painted in an unusual color. For example, the author was able to capture a red leg in Bucharest. It’s from the same moving project. Now you can be surprised, but the hand, according to Kalytko, used to be red before. Well, they adapt it to the audience. Maybe a yellow leg is somewhere close by, we’ll see.


Well, let’s return to our, almost native, even though not for a long time, blue arm. For someone, it was a wonderful occasion to spit out all their hardships and dissatisfaction with the broad masses. Almost like a public activist Liza Bogutskaya did. Arguments, constructive criticism? No-no, ladies and gentlemen, what are you talking about? It is our authorities that are going to another world. Well, it’s good that this is not the hand of Kremlin.

And you know, many people don’t really care about it, but they need something to write about. Here we have a blogger, writer, and journalist Ruslan Gorovyi, who described how he was selling pig’s fat with homemade military tattoos. And what do you think, anyone was surprised? Although, maybe there was no Facebook at that time.

Has anybody ordered some bad jokes? Here they are, as you wished: a joke about the hand of a gynecologist in a rubber glove from blogger Vsevolod Doroshenko. Well, and how can I give a like to serious posts of this man?

Well, there are also some jokes in a relatively rhythmic form, especially the ones from Facebook folklore.

But there are real problems. Ivanna Kobernik, TV host, journalist, and advisor to the Minister of Education, noted that the worst thing in this situation is that pedestal of the fallen Lenin, which is in two meters from the new sculpture, was not even cleaned. And what, as for me, there is some kind of a symbolism in it.

Look whom we have in our parade of jokes? Wow, this is Doctor Yevhen Komarovsky. What’s happened, Mr. Yevhen? What about fishing and drinking with Putin, stopping the war? You still can’t do it? Well… we were hoping for you.

As it turned out, at the same place a well-known businessman, blogger, and patron of arts Garik Korogodsky proposed to create… a space of love, a beautiful and absolutely non-politicized place, and even was ready to give 400 000 dollars from his own pocket. But in the end, somebody from Venezuela had won the contest, and then it was forgotten at all. So now they’ve put a temporary blue hand. You know, our government sometimes can’t seize the investment in time. Well, it’s ok, Mr. Korogodsky, when the hand will be taken away, the place will be vacant again.

And finally, about our special importance. Have you noticed that the main trick of this hand is that from both sides it’s back of the wrist? The blogger Roman Shraik has noticed this for us. It turns out that the post is not about the art project itself, but about the attention. Well, the hype around something extracted from the context is a signature of our time. That’s what we have, boys and the girls. Be careful, take care of yourself and your information space. We’ll see you on Monday. Bye!

Normal reaction and stupid jokes were collected by Stepan the Goat

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