Beauty is no longer a beauty

I hadn’t watched the various beauty contests for a long time, it stopped being interesting to me soon after adolescence. So, there’s been a lot of fuss on Facebook recently. On the one hand ‒ they shouted “discrimination, nightmare”, on the other hand ‒ “a violation of the rules, she’s lied” and then I decided to sit down and sort it out.

So, if you, like me, haven’t followed the beauty contests for a long time, here is a short story. Beauty Veronika Didusenko (and she is a real beauty, there are no complaints here) received the crown and the title of Miss Ukraine in the national beauty contest. Everyone applauded, welcomed, supported, and then, suddenly, it turned out that Miss, already is not even Miss, but Mrs… After all, the lady has a child and even experienced marriage. And here, it is high time to blame all the organizers in a mass sexism, prejudice against children and married women… If you forget about the very nature of these competitions.

And there is not a word about tolerance either about forbearance or about humanity at the heart of these competitions. There are clear sexist and objectivist conditions. They are not looking for personalities, they are looking for beautiful shells. And, on the one hand, the Ukrainian organizers did not violate anything, they coincide with the rules of the contest “Miss Universe”. By the way, it was bought by Trump in 1996, and kept for years as his own rosary, or more roughly, a nursery of beauties. So, there are clear requirements in those rules, like for the goods on the market ‒ a height of 170 centimeters, a slim figure, the absence of tattoos and convictions, and the candidate must be unmarried, not divorced and childless. The requirements are the same for everyone ‒ for both Miss USA and Miss Ukraine.

So people, who go to these competitions, a priori agree to intolerance, injustice, sexism, objectivism, etc. If anything, in the articles-explanations to the contest it is noted that this is a beauty contest and not a talent contest, so the requirements to Miss are only a few ‒ to wear a dress and a swimsuit well and to open one’s mouth with short speeches, when it’s appropriate.

Our beauty didn’t have tattoos, everything was okay with age, there were also no convictions, but she decided not to bother about marriage and the presence of a child, and if you don’t talk about it, then it does not exist. As organizers assure, Veronika lied twice, once as submitted to the contest, and the second time, when she signed the agreement. And here I have a question to the organizers, do you always take it at face value? At present, when hiring even a cleaner, the security service or simply the HR officer checks a person, because you may hire someone, and she or he will stuff the entire call center with Putin’s icons or something else that will turn out to be unstable and psychopathic. And here the lady came, she said, “I’m not married and childless,” and everyone seemed to believe her. Yes, dear organizers, I’ll come to you next year, and I will say that I’m NOT a bun, 150 cm tall at all, but the whole beauty itself, and that I’m not in my near forties, but 20 with a few months, and I have neither husband, nor children, and the main thing for you is not to forget to believe my every word, and not even try to doubt.

Mrs. Didusenko stayed all-Ukrainian beauty only for 4 days, during these 4 days, journalists dug out both family story and the child. Veronika said in response that she doesn’t recognize disqualification, and accused the organizers of discrimination, and, at the same time, proclaimed herself a fighter for the rights of women and children. And it was here that she failed. Therefore, discrimination is when you are kicked out of a supermarket, because your child is sleeping in a baby carriage, discrimination is when you are fired from your job, because you are a woman, discrimination is when you are paid less than a man-colleague, discrimination is when you cannot go to a café because of a different skin color. The lady for some reason did not go to the contest for “good moms” or “great wives”, she went to the most prejudiced contest in the world, where almost at the entrance indicated “Married, divorced, and separated women, height below 170 cm ‒ shall not pass”. Therefore, this is not discrimination ‒ it’s stupidity, it’s a perennial national habit to get around the system, maybe nobody sees it. And then, if suddenly the system will get around you back, to scream about total injustice and discrimination in some places.

Therefore, I’m sorry, but this is not just a story about discrimination, but a common example of how everyone screwed up. This is the story about too gullible organizers and the clever little girl.

Be polite, do not try to get around the rules, because once they can get around you!

By Tatusya Bo

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