In the Kyiv metro advertising with the alleged promise of Artem Sytnyk, director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, to expose all the top corrupt officials was placed. However, alongside this advertisement also announces the meeting of the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada on October 3. NABU assures that they are not related to this media campaign. More about the unexpected promotion of Sytnyk – in reactions from Opinion.

So, NABU (I don’t know, whether it was expected by the majority or not) assured that it has nothing to do with this advertisement and doesn’t know who is this “good person” that organized and paid all of it. But how can’t you pat yourself? It is said that they are aware of the fact that out of almost 200 billion UAH, which were seized by corrupt officials and which the agency is trying to return, a pretty penny can be found to pay for even a bigger “campaign”. So what’s happening, dear detectives, it turns out that it happens because you haven’t finished your work? They kind of tried to force them to return, but didn’t have time: Sytnyk is already in the subway? Or I’ve confused everything in the world again?

In fact, a significant part of the posts looked like this: “Terrible, that Sytnyk allows himself to be in the subway, but there is still no sentence.” And then, a small update, it turns out that NABU did not order advertising. And this is not so crucial when it’s done by an ordinary user. Although… when it’s done by the NewsOne journalist, it’s even less troublesome. We’ve got used to it.

Well, someone, like blogger Oleksandr Danylyuk did, just apologized for the distribution of inaccurate information. However, before NABU’s attempt to justify itself, the blogger stressed that from this “operation” there would be no effect for the agency, except for the negative. Who knows, perhaps, if NABU indeed hadn’t ordered it, the true “organizer” was willing to get this result. Or maybe he even got it, we will know it only over time.

However, there is no clear polarity of the stance on this issue among network users. For example, let’s take the blogger Mason Lemberg. In his post, everything just turned into a strange trolling of NABU. You read and don’t understand what this human wanted to say. Maybe it’s out of my today’s bad mood, but it looks like a vast majority of all the Facebook posts. I write, therefore I am.

However, MP Ihor Mosiychuk, obviously, decided to support Sytnyk and detectives, stressing that now it is a matter of honor for NABU to establish who placed this advertisement in the Kyiv subway. According to Mosiychuk, someone committed this, immorally and illegally. Yeah, but also to keep in mind another matter of honor –continue to work further.

MP and ex-journalist Mustafa Nayyem, also doesn’t believe that NABU has advertised its leader. In his opinion, such a situation is a litmus test for the state: in a country where the war is ongoing, the open discrediting of one of the central authorities unfolds in front of the law-enforcement bodies. Nayem emphasizes that this is a matter of national security. That’s why, it’s NABU’s leadership, as well as the law enforcement agencies and, obviously, the SBU should react to this. Thus the campaign is not anonymous, and it has a specific advertising agent, it is paid from a specific bank account in accordance with a specific agreement. Yes, the investigation of this case should be much simpler than the cases of state betrayals of all the “former”(presidents). Such a challenge was received today by NABU.

The blogger Alex Noinets is confident in the fact that the customers will be found. According to him, it will be a quite hot story, and all of us will know the perpetrators and the organizers, or all will be silent, but the behavior of some characters will change significantly. We’ll see whom exactly.

Political commentator Pavlo Nuss thinks somewhat different. First, he published a post, in which he expressed confidence that it was Artem Sytnyk who had started an advertising campaign. In general, according to him. Sytnyk began his work at NABU in order to create such a political springboard, but he couldn’t become the politician of a new generation. Wow, what a drama in our review, cause it’s so boring that I was thinking to finish it.

Subsequently, when NABU denied its involvement, Nuss did not believe in these statements and criticized the authors of the post for the fact that they decided to shield themselves by the money allegedly returned to the people. No, wait, you just have to publish a bare statement? You must have at least a minimal idea about the strategy of maintaining your own image. Or they better write something like this: “We didn’t place ads. There were no sentences to the corrupt official yet.” Hey, NewsOne, I’m waiting for some job offers in my mailbox.

MP Igor Popov tried to comment on the situation, regardless of who exactly arranged and paid dozens of city-lights in the Kyiv subway. So, according to Popov, a number of questions arise. Will Sytnyk become a rival to Medvedchuk? Will his probable decision to run for a presidency change the agenda and turn the corruption issue to the top political debate? And so on. It is a pity that Sytnyk doesn’t comment all that posts, that way he could answer at least those question. And now, we’ll have to live with that.

A member of NABU’s Public Audit Council, Artem Romanyukov, in his turn, tried to draw a parallel between the Attorney General, who ordered advertising for himself through the front companies, and the director of NABU, for whom the enemies allegedly through the same front agencies was ordered the advertisement. Why? Romanyukov says it’s all in order to kill his reputation. As a result, the author of the post stresses that such situations only indicate that NABU does everything right.

And again, I emphasize – to my knowledge, there was no situation, when a rather controversial topic was commented one-sidedly. And for each conditional Artem Romanyukov, there will be a political analyst Kyrylo Sazonov who will openly declare that he doesn’t believe NABU’s words about the lack of their involvement. Moreover, the expert stresses that Sytnyk has failed all his work in the agency because none of the corruptors are behind the bars. And now, when it seems that after an unsuccessful advertisement, the community will start to laugh, the institution quickly assured – it’s not us. The anonymous corrupt official has paid for the advertisement. Ha, I, obviously, don’t like all sorts of betrayal, but at a certain angle, it really looks funny. But it all depends on where to look from, my darlings.  Well, the level of Sazonov‘s sex joke – in general, deserves a separate prize “the worst joke of the year”.

The blogger Anton Shvets approached the analysis of this issue much more constructively. He says that to make such a placement officially and “not to be busted” – it’s unrealistic. And this order, in his opinion, is most likely the official one. What do we have then? And we have the fact that there will be a lot of traces, everyone will simply and quickly understand who the performer is. Probably, at the same speed, they will find a customer. So the following question arises: whom should be blamed now? Shvets assumes that the most logical option is some Mr. Yuriy. I do not know other Yuriys rather than Lutsenko. And if it’s him, then his new political career (and it seems to run for one) will start with a public jump in … Well, think on your own, because who knows, maybe children are reading me.

In general, Shvets predicts that by October 3, the intrigue will be incredible. And it is likely that this advertisement was given by its authors, in order to give Sytnyk some topics for discussion at the committee. And, moreover, they gave him an opportunity not to go there at all. Well, it’s like a discrediting campaign is ongoing, a dirty game with all its methods, you must focus on work and other stuff like this. As a result, the blogger confesses that he does not believe that Sytnyk himself has ordered this. There are no such “long cons” because they do not live for a long time.

But everything’s not so bad for Mr. Sitnik. For example, the former MP Viktor Ukolov advised him to tell Subway’s administration about the violation of Article 308 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. And the only condition why NABU will not be able to appeal advertising and demand its urgent liquidation is if “an individual posed to the author for a fee.” In that case, a photo (in our case, a photo of Artem Sytnyk) may be publicly displayed, reproduced and distributed without a person’s consent. So, just confess, Mr. Artem, have you pose?

Member of the Board for public control of NABU Zlata Simonenko is confident that the customer will be identified. And they will even find out how much he had paid. The author of the post is sure – the work of the whole institution can’t be stopped by such methods before the election. That’s why Simonenko gave a simple recommendation to the customer: to send his money for the construction of hospitals. She said that such technologies do work better for voters.

And finally, my favorite section, a little bit of network creativity. This one, in particular, is for those who were lazy to scroll this big reaction (my condolences to the translator (they are accepted – translator’s note), we also have the English version, you know), but who’s interested to find out what’s the deal with this “issue”. Have a nice read, my darlings. And let your photos never be taken by bad guys and girls without your permission. And you too, don’t do this. See you!

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