Naftogaz and Tymoshenko – both the first and the second often appeared in your feed during the last days, right? Let’s understand what’s happening. During the press conference, the Batkivshchyna leader stated that in case of her victory, Naftogaz will be liquidated as a corrupt “mediocre, in which we have no need”, so the gas market will be “de-monopolized for business”. Of course, among the promises is to halve the price. What was further – in reactions from Opinion.

The story had begun in late September, during the same press conference, when Tymoshenko decided to highlight her plans for the dreamt future.  Everything is quite simple, I quote: Naftogaz should be immediately eliminated as a corrupt intermediary, and as a legal entity, it will be finally liquidated only after the Russian Federation pays the last penny of its debt. Wow, butter both sides, what a tactic; bad that you haven’t disguised it.

So, later Ms. Yulia added that debts of the Russian supplier won’t be forgotten: both Russia and Gazprom, according to the leader of “Batkivshchyna” (Fatherland) party, will pay everything to the last penny. As always there were something about corrupt authorities.   So, the money received from Russian pocket, it’s no longer a debt to Naftogaz, but money for people. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, so take it while it crusty.

Naftogaz has given a good answer, they say, Mrs. Tymoshenko was a prime minister twice, and twice she had a wonderful opportunity to deal with Naftogaz itself, whether liquidating it or turning it into a profitable company. But somehow neither the first nor the second scenario worked out. Well, it happens, everybody’s making mistakes, right?

Also, the same “Naftogaz” added: they don’t sell gas to the population. It’s private structures who sells and about whom everyone including Ms. Tymoshenko, and other MPs forget. However, its main income comes from the transit of gas and other activities.

The administration and energy efficiency director of Naftogaz Vitaliy Shcherbenko felt a little bit surrounded by all these discussions and tried to explain what exactly political populists offer to eliminate. First thing, company for a thousand days has not imported gas from Russia, thus it freed itself from the blackmail of the aggressor state. Secondly, we shouldn’t forget about the victory in the Stockholm Arbitration, which, according to Shcherbenko, is really a historic one. In addition, Naftogaz became the largest taxpayer in Ukraine, and in 2016 it managed to stop the reduction of gas production which we were facing for many years. It’s not enough? In 2017, this production increased by 4%.

But this is not the end. You may be surprised, but Naftogaz began to produce fuel according to the Euro 5 standard and even learned to save billions of hryvnias each year due to radical changes in the purchases system. For example, according to the author of the post, 13 billion hryvnias are already saved . I could continue retyping and retelling all the successes and victories of the company, but it’s better to read it and, in any case, save it for those who say that Naftogaz does nothing.

Yuriy Vitrenko, the chief executive officer of Naftogaz, decided to add something, noting that the liquidation of the company would allow Gazprom not to pay Ukraine 2.6 billion USD for the already lost transit case, as well as to avoid the risk of losing in new ones. And this is not the end, according to Vitrenko, this desire of Yulia Tymoshenko to eliminate the company will threaten the gas supply to Ukrainian consumers and increase our own production. So, what’s up boys and girls, who don’t like Naftogaz still? And it seemed that Ms. Tymoshenko had answered the question of debts and their return on the very first screenshot, somehow it looks like justification, right?

Actually, the statement by Yulia Tymoshenko quickly turned into a hot topic, which, I note, keeps floating for about a week. So Iryna Gerashchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, admitted that she can’t understand the logic of obtaining a debt of Gazprom in the event of Naftogaz’s extermination. She even asked for clarification, but reminded that it was clearly stated in the decision of the Stockholm arbitration that Gazprom is obliged to pay billions, not to Ukraine / government / Poroshenko, but namely to “Naftogaz”. So, Ms. Yulia, maybe, let’s sue the Stockholm arbitration? No? And what about returning money to the people?

The politician and lawyer Leonid Yemets stressed that under the impression Naftogaz began total heresy in the media. According to the author of the post, since Naftogaz is a legal entity, nobody can liquidate it until the issue of debt is resolved. It’s like eliminating banks: nobody will forgive and will not forget your loans. Therefore, the appeal to this topic from the very national company does not add them confidence or professionalism. That’s the train of thought we have, my darlings.

Blogger Andriy Andreyev raised a rather simple question: who does not like the Ukrainian Naftogaz? Of course, it’s Putin. And then following the chain, we’ll come to Ms. Yulia. Maybe we’ll find Boyko there as well. Everything happens in life, you should be ready for everything.

Excuse me, Boyko is still there. Political observer Pavlo Nuss says that Mr. “I suddenly join the conflict” said that Naftogaz is allegedly guided by an incomprehensible supervisory council in which there are only foreigners. Well, of course, like any other “regional”, he speaks about national security and other stuff. So, Nuss doesn’t believe in such a coincidence of circumstances and considers that it was planned by the Kremlin as a psychological attack on a national company, which all of them are ready to liquidate tomorrow if Tymoshenko / Boyko / Medvedchuk came to power.

Alexey Kucherenko, chairman of the Union of Housing Owners of Ukraine, instead literally “harassed” to a national company. Actually about them earning from transit and other activities. And here the questions had appeared: why prices are at this level, and why the prize was given to the leadership, and why the president did not do anything. It is good that Mr. Olexiy at least has stopped in time. Well, that can lead to everything. Like why are the walls in my house not painted? Believe me, if you really want to, the domino effect can get you anywhere.

For a moment, let’s forget about the big and profound posts. Somewhat beautiful from blogger Artem Malder – imagine that Naftogaz made a similar statement to the “Batkivshchyna” party. I do not know how what about you, this is my favorite screenshot of today’s review.

The blogger Alex Noinets looked at this problem somewhat differently. For example, we have three positions: “We liquidate the company”, “Gazprom’s debts belong to Ukraine, not Naftogaz, nothing depends on its liquidation” and “Okay, the debts still belong to Naftogaz, but as soon as the money is paid, we liquidate it”. So, all three positions, according to the blogger, contradict each other, and they all were issued within four days. Hence a few questions in response. Which ones – look at the screenshot.

Some kind of a blogger party we have here. So, a blogger under the pseudonym Sybirnash Chung decided to troll Tymoshenko a little, and somehow so skilfully and almost smooth retold the whole essence of the situation. Well, you know, as they usually make in facebook folk art? Well, somewhere around it. Read and enjoy, because we’ll finish soon.

Political analyst Oleksandr Paliy, in his turn, tried to explain why Yulia Tymoshenko rushed to promise liquidation of Naftogaz. Well, first of all, because Gazprom doesn’t want to pay its debt, so Moscow is forced to pull its puppets, as Paliy says. To the same list should be added the need to show some loyalty to Putin before the elections, so that he got it, and Ukrainians not. Well, there are two more reasons, of course, on the screenshot. And I will go for a rest, see you!

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