Serhiy Sternenko, the very one who had already been attacked three times, said that the odious ex-advisor to the head of the Interior Ministry, Illya Kiva, threatened him and other activists in the presence of law-enforcers. It happened recently, on October 1, at the premises of the Main Investigation Department in Kyiv. More on the new revelations from scandalous Kiva – in reactions from Opinion.  

So, let’s start from the very beginning: Serhiy Sternenko, an activist and ex-head of “Right sector” Odesa branch, has published a post on the evening of October 1, in which he described, to put it mildly, not a very pleasant meeting with Illia Kiva. As it turned out, the presidential candidate (wondering if it is necessary to put quotes here?) Illia Kiva visited interrogation on some of the criminal proceedings, and after recognizing Sternenko began to talk about “what is life” and other similar stuff. In the end, it came to the conclusion that former Arsen Avakov’s adviser accused Serhiy of murdering a person (this concerns the third attack on Sternenko, which resulted, on the part of the activist, who was the victim, in self-defense and deathly injuries to assailant) also Kiva added that if “right men” were sent for him, everything could have ended differently. According to Sternenko, the “dialogue’s apogee” was a promise to bury activists in the ground, because they allegedly don’t give anyone to live a normal life.

Quite interesting is that the investigators, who were factually witnesses of the situation, didn’t make any comments about Kiva’s behavior. Then Sternenko turned to one of them and said that he would file a report on offenses, and investigators would be witnesses of a crime.  According to the activist, Kiva himself is not an independent figure and is closely connected to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. But in any case, it is clear to the activists that persecution and attacks will not end.

Clearly, the story of Sertenko quickly spread through the network, and journalists, as decent and responsible people, could not ask Kiva himself about the situation. However, “the presidential candidate” himself (I still think that the quotes are needed), he stressed that he would not comment on the “notes of cynical killers” who pretend to be victims. He also promised to protect the law and the weak ones. Well, this is the end, law enforcement agencies can report on self-destruction, a new superhero comes out to defend Ukrainian citizens. However, we still need to find out what kind of law will be protected, and who they are those ones who are weak, who need protection from Kiva.

Sternenko ironically reacted to the response of Avakov’s ex-advisor, emphasizing that Kiva plans to defend the law, by burying activists in the ground. Well, Serhiy, you have to understand: everyone has their own methods; maybe it’s just a new electoral campaign. Let’s call it some kind of sophisticated PR campaign. I’m just curious who those voters who can believe such statements are.

And now I’m begging for all of your attention. In the next publication, Illia Kiva stresses that he is always responsible for the words he speaks and won’t allow manipulating the public opinion. Ok, let’s check it again – he’s responsible for the words he speaks. And you know what is he doing next? Yeah, he adds a video from the air where he comments on the situation with Sternenko, confirming the activist’s post. Well, somehow awkward: he promises not to comment, stresses on the solidness of his word and… comments. Uh, he could have such an election campaign if someone hadn’t confused his own principles.

Actually, there were only a few fans of the scandalous Kiva. More precisely, I couldn’t t find them on Facebook at all. Whether I have a very cool feed, or they’re still planning what to write. Instead, Mykola Vyhovsky, the coordinator of the “Chesno” public movement, emphasized that all these statements by Illia Kiva are a signal that Ukraine is being prepared for the establishment of a hybrid dictatorship. Well, imagine that the ministry with a budget of 60 billion hryvnias speaks to civil society: “ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to destroy you.” Everything like in a Hollywood movie, really.

The activist of EuroMaidan Oleksandr Kravchuk turned directly to Kiva, suggesting to demonstrate him during a private meeting how exactly he’s going to “bury”. At the same time, the activist added a few words about the psychological state of the person involved in our review, but you know, read it on your own, because Mr. Kiva may come to me, and who will do reviews for you then? But the screenshot is at your service as always.

Roman Kulyk, a blogger, activist, and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, is convinced that only for the words about activists who should be buried, Kiva should already be interrogated. So, why did the investigators, who saw and heard all this, were silent? The blogger believes that this may be a reaction to the visit of the participants of the campaign “Silence Kills” to the base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It appears to be some kind of reaction by Arsen Avakov through the prism of Kiva. And what law can go against Kiva, if the law protects him?

The editor-in-chief of “Novynarnya” Dmytro Lykhoviy said that on the air of one of the TV channels, when Kiva forgot about his promise not to comment on the words of the activist, the speech was not only about Sternenko as a “draft dodger” and “murderer of the father of three children”, but … also about Kateryna Handziuk, who, attention, allegedly stole money from the city budget. Well, you got it I had nothing to add here. So, Lykhoviy states: this is not Kiva, who’s speaking – it’s the MIA that’s speaking with his voice. Captain, it seems, that breached bottom hid in itself one more, so there our ship is going!

In his turn, blogger Sergey Naumovich noted that the piquancy of the situation itself is that Illia Kiva himself is… an activist. One from the party. And recently, even was rallying under the building of the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecution with the slogans against the current president. Look how interesting the puzzle is: if there is a goal to bury activists, then it is far from necessary work hard because there is one, the closest one from which it would be better to start. I think other activists would even chip in for a shovel, or what do you need for this? I think I’ve messed up again.

Here is a brief description of the situation by the blogger Ivan Oberemko. Emotionally, true, but I think even the words drawn up can be recognized by their silhouettes. Everything is good, the author of the post says, there are no problems, no attacks on the activist, as well as threats. Just the right hand of Avakov threatens to kill them all in the presence of investigators. And what happens? Right, nothing happens.

Olexiy Tsymbalyuk, the “killer” who had to kill journalist Arkady Babchenko, but instead broke all Moscow plans, seems has decided not to spend his efforts on some kind of analysis of Kiva’s words, allowing himself to throw some emotions out. But it’s also not necessary, because even such emotions and thoughts are understandable. And what to be said about a hashtag at the end.

A bit of sarcasm and irony from blogger and political scientist Leonid Shvets. It is like – well, Kiva said to himself that he will bury activists. What’s the main thing? No hatred, only love and respect, as everyone likes. Because those activists got used to showing their hatred for authorities, and then they attack themselves, what an horror.

Roman Shevchenko, ex-assistant to the head of the State Border Guard Service, is confident that the curtain has been drawn back and it becomes clear that two fronts are fighting against the activists: “the ones from the other side of the border” and “Avakov-like ones”. The worst thing according to Shevchenko is that Kiva is an extension of Avakov, and Avakov has unreformed pack beneath him. It’s like in that picture: “Keep calm and clean the machine gun.”

Reactions and machine gun were collected by Stepan the Goat

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