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Frosts, incredible colored clouds, mulled wine, dahlias, fogs with mist, storm winds, pumpkins, and a gentle sun are in full swing.

Autumn comes with solar anticyclones and rain fronts.

The ongoing week comes to its end with a solar anticyclone named Ulf. It will move from Western Europe, then it will go to the South, and cover a significant part of continental Europe, including Ukraine.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


During October 5, 6 and 7, the anticyclone will cause dry cloudy, sunny weather in all our regions.

The air temperature on October 5 will be +10 +18 degrees, and on Saturday and Sunday the air will warm up to +12 +23 degrees. The warmest weather is expected in the western part of Ukraine.

However, due to the clear anticyclonic sky at night, the probability of frosts, which will reach 0-4 degrees, will increase in the Carpathians to 3-7 degrees. The south will avoid frosts, there it is supposed to be 6-13 degrees heat at night.

The beginning of the next week in Ukraine will take up the weekend’s baton.

Significant rainfall in most regions is unlikely to happen.

There will be fogs and haze at night and in the morning, it will worsen the visibility to 300-500 meters.

Drivers, do not forget to turn on the headlights, be especially careful on narrow roads in settlements.

The air temperature during Monday-Wednesday is expected to be comfortable. During the day, the thermometer bars will fluctuate within +12 +18 degrees Celsius, and in the south, the air will warm up to +17 +23 degrees.

At night +3 +10 degrees are expected, in the south +8 +14 degrees.

Frosts are possible against the backdrop of a cloudless sky in the western and northern regions of Ukraine.

Friday is expected to be without precipitation in Kyiv. However, there will be gusty wind, night frosts up to 0-2 degrees. In the afternoon it will warm up to +12 +14 degrees.

The capital will enjoy the sun, dry air, and will warm up to +16 +18 degrees at the weekend.

The weather will encourage walking in the fresh air, work in summer cottages, rest and work will be equally synoptic comfortable.

The first half of next week will not significantly change the meteorological situation in Kyiv.

The weather will be with dry air, clear sky, and moderate environmental temperature.

During the day, thermometers in the capital will reach +14 +18 degrees, and at night it is assumed +5 +9 degrees.

Enjoy the anticyclonic sun, do not freeze over, take pictures of pumpkins with dahlias, and plan your autumn life along with our weather forecast.

Natalka Didenko

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