Well, we have plus one candidate? Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi at the meeting with organizers of the Youth Forum “Molodvizh” announced his intention to take part in the presidential election. According to the newly born candidate, key elements of his campaign will be “mobilization of young people, breaking “esprit de corps” in politics and technological modernization of the country.” How the network users reacted to it – in reactions from Opinion.

So, we have a simple and completely anticipated for somebody news – Sadovyi has decided to run with the others for the presidency. And what do specialists think about it? Political expert Olexiy Minakov is convinced that this is primarily a blow to the campaign of Anatoliy Hrytsenko, who was counting on the support of the Lviv mayor. Therefore, instead of an ally, he became a rival in the electoral field of disappointed and floating ones.  So, according to the expert, everything is quite logical, especially given the 12-years experience of managing Lviv. Sadovyi had the lowest anti-rating before the “garbage” scandal; today, this position has changed significantly, but there is still some sense to run. And chances of Sadovyi are bigger than of conditional Michel Terashchenko, Dmytro Gnap and others who are not well known to every Ukrainian.

However, Sadovyi also has three challenges: the lack of all-Ukrainian politician image, the same “garbage issue” that he will be reminded to him at every occasion, and the toxicity of some members of other candidates’ team, for example, Semen Semenchenko. As a result, there are three options: either the traditional “worst first”, or the entry into the top three of the presidential race. Well, do your bets, my darlings.

Journalist Olena Yakhno is also convinced that Sadovyi’s run for a presidency is a painful blow to Anatoliy Hrytsenko. But something tells me that this mister, as well as the other lady without the braid, got used to it. It’s the same politics, have you expected him to stay in the mayor’s office all his life. You need to grow somehow, develop and all that kind of things.

The blogger Roman Shraik has the same opinion. Thus, according to him, Sadovyi had killed Anatoliy Hrytsenko’s chances for the second round. At the same time, he also increased the probability of “Poroshenko-Tymoshenko” finale. And there are two options: either he tries to upgrade party’s rating before the parliamentary elections, or he has agreed with someone who is interested in seeing the current president and the author of the new courses in the second tour.

However political scientist Viktor Taran noted that the logic of the political process itself involves struggle and competition. Therefore, each election cycle politicians should use primarily for self-capitalization and popularization. So, this, according to the expert, is not a time loss, but rather an increase in electoral muscles. It is logical, if you’re silent today, what will happen during the next election? BANG and nobody can remember you, you’ve just disappeared from the political map of the country. Another thing is that someone had to make it a long time.

The head of the press service of the National Corps, Roman Chernyshev, decided to play a bit with humor, sarcasm, and irony. However he got some kind of bad cocktail; because of it, in the morning your head will hurt and you won’t want to live anymore. Well, to make you understand it, at the end of the joke by Chernyshev  Vakarchuk should appear and sing the song “Army, language, faith!”. Just tell me when it’s time to laugh.

Instead, here’s an example of the humor of a healthy person. The blogger under the pseudonym Sybirnash Chung, for me, remarkably and ridiculously illustrated how Mr. Sadovyi, along with garbage bags in his hands, breaks into the company of presidential candidates. And, he’s still shouting: “Let me in! Let me in immediately, I’ve been here four years ago.” And everyone immediately got who it was coming to them.

Journalist Denys Rafalskyi said that once upon a time an influential man from the presidential administration assured him that Sadovyi would never succeed in becoming the president of Ukraine. The reasoning is quite simple: the other regions won’t vote for a representative of the western part of the country. Well, there is a great opportunity to check how truthful is the reasoning of some unknown, but very influential anonymous from Bankova.

Here are some fantasies about Mr. Sadovy’s probable election slogans. I can’t say that it’s ridiculous, but for some reason, the others gave it a like. Apparently, I have something wrong with a sense of humor, how can you still read those reactions, I don’t understand.

And here’s another variant of the slogan for the election. Even a little bit philosophical. Although it depends on the side you look at it, you know.

And finally, in order not to disturb your carefree wondering around the network, grab a little bit of Facebook folk art. However, they’ve reminded Mr. Sadovyi the garbage here. Well, what can I say; there are some markers that follow a person everywhere. And it seems that the mayor of Lviv had found the one for himself.

Reactions and new candidates were collected by Stepan the Goat

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