The Verkhovna Rada appealed to the Council of National Security and Defense to apply sanctions to the holders of “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne TV channels. The draft resolution was supported by 229 deputies. In particular, it is proposed to block the assets of the channels, cancel their licenses, restrict or terminate the provision of telecommunication services for them. How the network reacted to this – in reactions from Opinion.

If you do not know, whether to cry or to rejoice because of 112 and NewsOne, I would only like to invite you join me; I’ve just opened champagne. But journalism must be reasoned and objective (just don’t say it to the stuff of these channels), including the reviews of yours truly. So, political expert Olexiy Minakov emphasized that such a decision by parliamentarians is the first real step against anti-Ukrainian propaganda, which powerfully lobbies the interests of the aggressor state. This is what the expert says about protection of freedom of speech in Ukraine, the information warfare and, ultimately, the common sense.

And here is a specific list of sanctions that are proposed by the application. They are: blocking of assets, preventing the withdrawal of capital outside Ukraine, the prohibition of radio frequency resources usage, and all that beautiful and fun stuff. We just have to wait for a response from the National Security and Defense Council.

Minakov also shared the inside information: they say, the upper mentioned channels cancel the airs for MPs who voted for the imposition of sanctions. And even those who were frequent guests at the airs have voted. The expert is sure: this is for the better; there will be less “useful idiots” that legitimize voices of Kremlin’s revanchists.

The MP and ex-journalist Mustafa Nayyem instead insisted that he’s against of the closure of any media without a court order and real evidence of a law violation. At the same time, Nayyem predicts: The NSDC will not make any real decision on this issue. Honestly, it looks rather bizarre, because Mr. Mustafa was one of the draft’s initiators.

Instead, the blogger Yuriy Hudymenko gave a small instruction to all those, thanks to whom such a decision actually appeared. So take your popcorn, put on your glasses for welding, turn on Russian NewsOne and 112, and watch how it burns there. Have you signed a petition? Bravo! You can occasionally pat yourself and say “It’s me, I did it”. And if you need to warm up your popcorn, you won’t need to go very far. Just beware, because it burns pretty good.

It burns, telling you honestly, quite well. Here, for example, we have one great member of the NewsOne team. He says that today Ukraine experiences a “critical death of freedom of speech”. My darlings tell me, what is a critical death? Like it had died and then was killed again? Or what? But it’s only a half of the trouble, I can’t understand how does the workplace of esteemed Max Nazarov relates to the freedom of speech. Maybe somebody can help me?

You know, even Stepan the Goat, the one who collects and writes all this, allowed himself to emphasize the special warmth with which the staff of the TV channels took the decision of the MPs. What an egoist I am, inserted myself into review what can you do now, right?

Semen Kabakaev, coordinator of the “Stop Terror” group, in his turn, added a bit of sobriety to the public joy (in fact, there was joy, just look a little bit lower). Why? Because in the list of two TV channels there was no place for the third one, which name is “Inter”.  By and large, the author of the post is convinced, now everyone will start to swing in two directions: someone will scream about the violation, while the others will insist on punishing the Russian media. As a result, as Kabakayev says, nothing will change.

However, a violation of rights has already been spoken about, and not even once. Let’s take, for example, Sergiy Tomilenko, the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. He says the parliament has called for the illegal closure of two Ukrainian TV channels. He also says that 112 and “NewsOne” are Ukrainian media companies and work in the Ukrainian legal field, and therefore… they can’t stop their broadcasting. Moreover, Tomilenko added that today in Kyiv there is a delegation of the respectful organization Freedom House from Washington, whose experts are concerned about attacks on journalists and activists. And today’s parliamentary resolution is a vivid example of Ukrainian realities for American human rights defenders. In the end, Tomilenko summed up that for politicians fighting with freedom of speech – it is irresponsible. I just can’t understand whether Mr. Tomilenko is a member of the right union, and where is the edge in his understanding between freedom of speech and open work on the aggressor state? I can’t see as well.

MP Yehor Sobolev said that he himself was a journalist in the past and is well aware of the value of free speech and media, but the upper mentioned organizations, in his opinion, don’t have any relation either to freedom or to the media. Au contraire: it is created and controlled by Russia’s agents of influence in Ukraine. That’s why the MP has for many months refused their invitations and co-sponsored initiatives to enforce sanctions. Well, you know, not to praise yourself – it’s also wrong, because who will praise you then?

For the blogger and journalist Sergii Ivanov, there were no surprises today. At least, if you’re talking about the process of voting. I wasn’t surprised as well that all the opposition members pushed the button “against”. Maybe they could push even more if they were able to stretch out. The main question of the blogger, of course, is to Nayyem, who decided to “abstain” from the vote, but it seems that we’ve just dealt with this gentleman.

Well, here’s a message from another crew member of NewsOne. She says sanctions are a test for society. She urges journalists not to remain silent. Appeals to them as to “colleagues”. Khm. Ms. Diana, well, somehow, we are not colleagues with you. Therefore, I don’t think that someone should come after us. But you, hang in there, everything will be fine.

The journalist Vasiliy Apasov, has also stood up for two twin channels. He says, at his same time, he has also worked at NewsOne for about two years, he was running around as a correspondent and all that kind of things. Well, you know, sir, I’d better not to be proud of this, but since you’ve made it public, I can do nothing. So, in the opinion of the post’s author, if TV channels are banned, this is going to be an impetus for the development of Internet media and Internet journalism. Oh, of course, in our internet journalism there’s nothing but the void, and no living souls around. Only poor has time to collect news. It’s good that you, Vasyl have said it, now heart fills up with warmth, and is confident in the future of online journalism. So we can close your former workplace.

And here we have a little bit of not so white humour. Well, it just coincided. Well we have two holidays today, at the same time, what can you do with it?

And finally, some wise words from journalist and writer Otar Dovzhenko. It’s not only about the 112 channel and NewsOne, but also about the war, trade with the aggressor, NATO and other things like this. Thus, in any situation, there are four patterns of behavior. Defend yourself, call for help, give up and flee. So, the people who urge us not to block 112 and its comrade, because of the freedom of speech and journalism, are just pushing for the choice of the last option, and it is fleeing. Someone is doing it on purpose, on behalf of Russia, someone because of negligence – not all of them are enemies.

Reactions were collected and his own appearance in them was rejoiced by Stepan the Goat

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