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In the first reading, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill # 5670-d, which should define the status of the Ukrainian language as the official state language and would stipulate responsibility for violating the law. More about how pleased was the Ukrainian segment of the network and how former “regionals” were mad – in traditional reactions from Opinion and Stepan the Goat.

In a nutshell, the adoption of the long-awaited draft law # 5670-d is the wave of joy for the Ukrainian network, a bit of criticism from some MPs and the traditional “it’s all gone” from the “Opposition Bloc” and ex-regionals. Of course, let’s start, with a wave of joy, because today is Friday and it is necessary somehow to spend this day the right way. So, even Petro Poroshenko turned with the congratulations on adoption of the language law in the first reading. According to the president, he expects that before the second reading, MPs will prepare a balanced project that will support the constitutional state of the language and at the same time will meet the European standard. But something tells me that for all this time, while this project was in the process of development and preparation for voting, it was made as much balanced as possible, am I right? However, I’m far from an expert.

The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy couldn’t help joining the general joy. He says the Ukrainian language is just like our army, flag, trident, and anthem – our national identifier. In general, the language is also a tool of national security, and passed draft law is a key means of mental de-occupation. With this very law, according to Parubiy, we will give Ukraine a weapon that can’t be destroyed. Someone must have worked hard while making this post. If everything is going to happen with the same perseverance in the second reading, it would be just fine.

The MP, Hanna Hopko, in general, stressed that the adoption of this bill is a serious step, which Ukraine was waiting for 27 years. Hopko thanked everyone who approached this decision, as well as those who tried to break it because the facades were dropped away and now it is clearly visible where and in which direction there may be pitfalls. It’s okay, we’ll have some time to take away them, right?

Another MP, Igor Lutsenko, who was among the initiators of the bill, said that the document succeeded even despite apparent political blackmail from some of the presidential deputies. Well, as you got it, we’re gradually shifting from blind joy and victory to traditional and even necessary fly in this ointment day.

The same story about the BPP fraction, which couldn’t immediately vote, was told by the leader of the “Radical Party” Oleh Lyashko. But, as you have already been able to guess, everything was solved precisely thanks to Mr. Lyashko himself. It seems that after his appeal to the president from the rostrum when he reminded him of his slogan on the numerous billboards, the law was finally passed. Well, my congratulations, dearlings, we have a new fighter for the Ukrainian language and statehood, who only needs one speech to convince parliamentarians that they should vote. However, his magic power is unlikely is unlikely applicable to regionals. Dark magic, you know.

The same was said by political scientist Mykhailo Basarab. But, more broadly, it was something like: it was a great failure of the technologists of the current president – Gryniv and Lesyuk. The idea, obviously, was just to pass a purely declarative law on languages (and not a language), written by Lesyuk. But, if you believe Basarab’s scenario, something went wrong. Why? Political scientist says that no tomos for the Orthodox people won’t compensate for the Galician people the hostile attitude to the law on the state language. Here they got it. Let’s see how new Ukrainian soap-opera has developed further.

And now, let’s turn to a little less formal and political, but more beautiful and humane stuff. Here, the writer Olena Zakharchenko wrote about some gibberish like “anyway, they will always give commands to dogs in Russian.” So, the author of the post in her childhood thought that commands to dogs are given only in Polish because all the neighbors said so. So, my kitties, there is always an alternative, more important thing is that the dog is obeying you.

In his turn, journalist Oleh Medvedev said that today, radio stations exceed the statutory quota for Ukrainian-language songs, the language took its place in the civil service, and the Ukrainian prestige is growing among speakers of different languages. That’s how the author sees the policy of supporting the Ukrainian language during the years of the presidency of Petro Poroshenko. As Medvedev says, one of his American expert friends called such Ukrainization a “gentle one”. As journalist says, the facts are stubborn things, and they refute all those allegations of allegedly reluctance to support the language that was heard in the parliament from a number of people “known only by the fact that they have a big mouth.”

One of the initiators and co-authors of the bill, Roman Matys, emphasized that the second reading is still ahead, but a piece of immense work is already behind. Matys thanked all those involved, activists and MPs who supported the initiative. Without them, that wouldn’t be possible.

Serhiy Osnach, a member of the Expert Committee on the Distribution and Demonstration of Films under Derzhkino, an activist of the Civic Movement, “Vidsich”, in his turn, predicts a struggle for the final adoption of the law. In his opinion, it won’t be easy. However, the half of the work has already been done, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and believe in the gradual and logical actions of our parliamentarians.

By the way, as for the further struggle for the adoption of the bill in the second reading. MP Iryna Podolyak asked to submit amendments and proposals for the second reading through the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. They should relate to specific articles and sections of the bill. There are two weeks for all of this i.e., 14 days, as for calculating it in hours, minutes and seconds you can do it yourself. So, to submit these proposals, to someone’s great regret, you need not through Facebook, but through professional environments. It should also be understood that proposals can be fundamentally opposed, but most importantly they should comply with the constitution and international obligations of Ukraine.

On the eve of the vote, the bill on the language was supported by acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun, she told how she herself learned… how to speak Russian. And you know how? She didn’t, it’s quite normal for the Ukrainian diaspora in America to speak Ukrainian from childhood everywhere. Moreover, Suprun emphasizes that, if Ukraine were not occupied by the Bolsheviks, we would not understand Russian the same way Poles or Germans don’t understand it.

Meanwhile, the journalist Milan Lelich stressed that even if Rada had adopted the most thorough and profound project, it won’t be able to change the real language situation either the next day or the next week. All this works a little differently, much slower.

And now let’s turn to those who did not like the bill. Linguist, public and political activist Iryna Farion named it… “a manifestation of collaborationism and maloryossiism (Malorossiya – the name of Ukraine during Russian Empire times – translator’s note)”, and the one that preserves the Moscow-Ukrainian hybridism. That’s how it goes.

But Farion is not the only one. Here he is, Mr. Oleksandr Vilkul, well-known … opposition member starts singing his traditional song about the language concentration camps, fines for not being able to speak the language in which the mother was singing the lullaby and everything else. It is necessary to read carefully, of course, and then to wash your hands very well, because of hell if I know what was there, in Vilkul’s lullaby.

Well, and how can it be without Mr. Yevhen Murayev. Here we have the same song about circus, barbarism and totalitarian tune of the central government. Oh, Mr. Yevhen, how could you? Trains still go to Russia, you can still get to some freight train and get a place where nobody will squeeze your tongue, and the power will be democratic and civilized. Farewell! With this, my darlings, I have to end my review. Rejoice correctly, think soberly and keep safe your information space. Be good boys and girls, see you!

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