Odessa court has arrested the purported scammer who was allegedly selling already purchased apartments for the second time and managed to earn almost one million USD on it. For his bail was set a sum that is record-breaking for such case.

The accused Oleksandr Zakharin several times made the sales documents for the same apartments in the “Park House” cottage town of Odesa. In total, he ripped off the investors for about 900,000 USD.

He acted in collusion with the worker of the prosecutor’s office Dmytro Kavun, who fell under the lustration of 2014. The former prosecutor provided him with legal advice with notaries.

Kavun is associated with the former chief prosecutor Viktor Pshonka, who escaped from the country after the Revolution of Dignity.

The court appointed a pledge for Zakharin in the amount of 15 million hryvnias. This is a record-breaking bail for real estate scams. He has been charged pursuant to article “massive ongoing fraud”. He risks the imprisonment for up to 15 years.

It’s also worth mentioning that a daughter of the suspect, Inna Iskenderova (Zarkhina), is now being tested for involvement in the fraudulent practice against AL KARIM LLC. Prymorsky department of Odesa police had received a report from the representative of the upper mentioned LLC Darya Bilousova, who became aware of the intention of registration activities for non-residential premises in the housing complex situated in the city center. The commissioning party of these construction works is AL KARIM LLC. Bilousova informed about the intention of an unidentified person to fraudulently seize AL KARIM LLC and the right to this property.

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