From now on, patrol police reset the control of speed on the roads. This will be made thanks to TruCam measuring devices of traffic accidents. At the same time, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasizes: the device will be used exclusively on sections of roads with established signs, and the list of locations will be openly accessible. More about new ways to control road safety – in reactions from Opinion.

As reported on the official website of the Ukrainian Patrol Police, the TruCam Speed Meter will be used only in areas of traffic accidents and in hazardous stretches of the roads of international importance. In addition to the road signs in the places where the speed limits are fixed, there will also be police vehicles with blue beacons turned on. However, Ukrainian drivers have some time to get used to new means of control: the first-week law enforcement will use TruCam in test mode for prevention. Moreover, the police assure: they’ve already decided how to prevent abuse and corruption risks.

In addition, police officers published a complete list of monitoring devices location as of today, October 8.

On the eve of the test week, Olexiy Biloshytskyi First Deputy Chief of the Department of Patrol Police stressed that after a conditional “test” period, which will end in seven days, offenders will be brought to administrative responsibility in accordance with the current legislation. And in the future, it is planned to equip patrol cars with speed recording devices directly in motion.

Today Biloshitsky has already tried to answer some questions about TruCam devices. So, according to the text of the article, at the moment the patrol police will use “more than 25 devices, but very soon there will be more of them.” Okay, I just can’t understand: what does it mean, over 25? Is it 26 or 8 543? Accuracy, you know. But let’s move on. The law enforcement officer assures: in the future, automatic speed fixing will also work, but this is a procedurally different type of prosecution. They haven’t forgotten about the cars with EU number plates: do not worry, everyone will get his fine, because within the “TruCams” areas of work vehicles will be stopped, and the report will be made on the spot. And finally: the time for the “concession” period is until October 15 inclusively, after which the patrols will start making the first reports.

The lawyer and expert of the public organization LEAD office Taras Huk noted that the introduction of TruCam at Ukrainian roads is a very correct and necessary step because speed is the main factor of mortality and road traffic injuries. However, it was worthy to do it three years ago. And when the specialist tried to convey this information to Beloshytskyi himself, who, in fact, reported on the introduction of these devices, in response he… banned the author of the comment.

However, as Huk noted on the eve of the “TruCams debut”, during the last three years nothing prevented their introduction. And there are several more details: the complaint will be filed not on the owner, but directly on the driver who breaks the limits, at the same time the expert predicts an increase in the number of car-chases for those who allowed themselves to exceed the established speed limit.

Later, Huk added that the use of TruCam, despite the idea of fixing only in places of concentration of traffic accidents, remains a complete discretion of the police. That is if previously there were formal restrictions on places where it is impossible to record the excess of speed (a certain distance to a settlement or a sign), now this question seems to be regulated by nothing.

As a result, the lawyer summarizes his thoughts: fixing excess speeds is a correct and necessary step, but TruCam in manual mode is a very ineffective means compared to an automatic system. In addition, it is unclear why the MIA delayed this decision within three years, and when the automatic fixing system finally will appear.

However, criticism and negative feedback don’t prevent law enforcement officers from performing active and productive work. As the veteran of the Russo-Ukrainian War and now the patrol police officer Vasily Koryak noticed that despite the noize around and “betrayal”, they are not going to stop and will bring order to Ukrainian roads to the best of their strengths and capabilities.

About the work of TruCam was also reported on the pages of the patrol police in various areas. For example, on the police page of Odesa region, they said that the device has a special encryption algorithm that makes it impossible to interfere in the system or any other adjustment of data.

In addition, as promised, the police press service added to the post a full list of places with established road signs 5.70 “Photo-video fixing of traffic rules violations”. In Odesa region, only six such places were found. The police are urging road users to adhere to the rules and be mutually polite. They also remind: for exceeding the speed of more than 20 km/h a fine will be 255 hryvnias, and for those who will let themselves more than 50 extra kilometers per hour, a fine of 510 hryvnias is expected. We remind you again, law enforcement officers will not fine drivers until October 15, because, according to an official statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a “test” mode of operation with new devices will be on.

But the former head of the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Eldar Salimov, mocked those who, at every possible opportunity, are ready to criticize the work of law enforcement, regardless of whether they have reasons for this or not. He explains it with an example from the very post: at first, they mock patrol police and harshly criticize for the fact that individual drivers exceed the speed in front of everyone, park their car wherever they want. And when the same patrol police are going to fine for improper parking and speeding… the same people again begin to criticize them. In short, in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, the first day of work for TruCam was passing by. Some “supporters” of the patrol police and all law enforcement officers played their favorite game.

And finally, in order to finish with these constantly complicated words about some of “true” or “untrue” devices, the testing days and speeding, I propose to you a classic generalization in the form of the traditional for our review of Facebook creativity. “Thank God, we are told where they are on the roads, it’s easier, at least a little,” and can somebody argue with it? So be careful on the road, my kitties, don’t forget to use safety belts and do not forget: it’s easier and safer to just follow the rules on the road, rather than trying every day to find out where on the road today will be one of more than 25 TruCam. See you!

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