Around 03:30 am explosions occurred at the 6th military arsenal near the town of Ichnia, Chernihiv region. Subsequently, the information was also confirmed by official institutions. Emergency workers, military and law enforcement officers are currently on the spot, evacuating people. As reported, three roads of state importance were blocked and security measures were increased at the border. More information – in reactions from Opinion.

As reported on the web-page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the information about explosions was received at 3 hours and 30 minutes from the head of the 6th arsenal in the district of the village of Ichnia, Chernihiv region. All relevant services and local authorities were immediately notified, and the emergency response headquarters was deployed.

According to the latest report from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the intensity of explosions on the 6th arsenal has significantly decreased, smoke has been observed. Civilians of the district were evacuated to the settlements Irzhevets, Paraphivka and Ivangorod. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports that about 12 thousand people were evacuated. There was no information about the victims.

The headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also asked media representatives to use only truthful and verified information.

However, far from all the requests are effective. So, the staff of the 112th channel began to distribute false information about the number of ammunition stored by 6th arsenal. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Viktor Muzhenko, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is also on the ground. According to him, the liquidation headquarters is being deployed, the appropriate forces and means are being used to restrict the entire territory of the Chernihiv region and along the state border.

On the web page of Chernihiv Regional State Administration, it is noted that as of 9:00 am, the intensity of explosions has decreased, but 63 people turned to the hospital because of a bad state of health. For those who want to help the victims, the collection of humanitarian aid continues in the premises of the Nizhyn and Pryluky Regional District Administrations, as well as in the Department of Civil Defense and Defense Works of the RSA.

However, the situation is controlled not only by the representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces but also by the Ministry of Information Policy. Deputy Minister Dmytro Zolotukhin confirmed that a year ago in Ukrainian media already appeared information about the threat to Ichnia, however, he added that all services were working at the time of the post’s publishing.

The deputy minister himself was monitoring the situation at four o’clock in the morning. According to him, the ministry is monitoring the distribution of information in social networks and online media. It is possible that the crisis situation will be accompanied by the proliferation of fake news, escalation of panic attempts to prevent constructive actions to eliminate the consequences of the event.

Subsequently, Zolotukhin also published a mini-report about whom Ukrainian TV channels prefer to comment on in case of Ichnia explosions. According to him, the “experts” still prevail over those officials responsible for the situation. The Russian media, are obviously, waiting for the moment when in the Ukrainian space the betrayal will reach a certain, comfortable level.

Instead, Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan connects the whole situation with Russia. For those who seek another guilty one, the minister advises recalling the recent “Salisbury’s tourists”. However, let’s turn to official information. In connection to the fires and explosions, Ministry of Infrastructure in the sake of the flights’ safety imposed a ban on the use of airspace within a radius of 30 kilometers. In addition, the movement of all sorts of transport was closed on several roads, Ukrainian railroads prepared and provided fire-fighting trains for the localization of fire in military warehouses. Also, if necessary, a passenger train is already ready for evacuation from the place of emergency.

Historian and journalist Rostyslav Martynyuk stressed that the route to the Kypti-Hlukhiv, which is north of the Ichnia, is not blocked, and there are a lot of trucks and cars there as always. However, the author of the article is even more surprised by the fact that quite often you can see autos with Russian number plates. In his turn, Martynyuk proposed to talk again about the visa regime with the Russian Federation, since 100 million holders of passports of the aggressor-state without any restrictions can get to Ichnia… by bus.

However, the political expert Olexiy Minakov tried to look at this situation from a different point. According to him, explosions in the Ichnia are primarily targeting the rating of the incumbent president, since, in the perception of people, any events like this undermine his authority and devalue loud statements of power. That is why today’s events are ideal for political rivals of Poroshenko.

MP Ihor Mosiychuk said that locals allegedly reported about drones, which they saw at night. According to the MP, the first four explosions occurred almost simultaneously in different places of the arsenal. Therefore, first of all, those who committed the sabotage should be established, detained and brought to justice.

Before that, Mosiychuk tried to prove that the coincidence of explosions and the day of the beginning of the meeting in Constantinople, where the issue of providing the Ukrainian church with tomos is considered, as well as the day of considering the issue of lifting sanctions from Russian Federation is not accidental.

The blogger Denys Kazanskyi recalled that exactly one year ago, after the explosions in Kalynivka, journalist Yuriy Butusov wrote a post about warehouses which are still in the risk zone and where they can explode next time. The Ichnia was the second in this list. So, Kazanskyi points out that no conclusions were drawn from the previous fires because the journalist knew a year before a place of the next explosion. However, those officials who were responsible for the safety of such places did not.

Butusov himself said that the fire in Ichnia resembles a scenario of events in Kalynivka. By the way, the 6th arsenal, according to the journalist, was considered one of the most secure warehouses. Actually, editor-in-chief of Censor.Net emphasizes that there is only one version of these events, and it is sabotage.

I think it is quite anticipated that many users of the network decided to comment on these events on the Internet. However, not all of the posts carry at least a minimal portion of adequacy and are deprived of panic and constant betrayal. Among the small number of messages that are safe to perceive is the post of blogger, writer, and journalist Pavlo Bondarenko, who tried to respond to the popular accusation that “around the world, nothing just explodes, this is possible only in Ukraine.” So, in order to solve this issue, it’s enough … just to google and get a whole list of explosions all over the world.

In addition, according to Bondarenko, six months ago, the warehouses in Ichnia were included in the list of potentially explosive ones, but not everything can be prevented. Especially if the wiring hasn’t been repaired for about 40 years, and the ventilation system has died another 30 years ago. And if the conditions for the storage of ammunition do not meet the basic standards, and there is no place to take them, such “dramas”, according to the journalist, may occur. And it happens everywhere, not only in Ukraine.

The journalist Vasyl Krutchak addressed the numerous experts with sarcasm and tried to take care of their health. After all, how could it happen: the bad moments of McGregor, the day of the lawyer, are now explosions in Ichnia. It is necessary for a few minutes to get out and breathe some fresh air, otherwise, where can you take fresh versions of those explosions?

However, as it turned out, there are MPs among such experts. For example, Viktor Chumak, who promised to ask how much money had gone from the budget to improve the safety of warehouses with ammunition and arsenals, and what exactly has been done in Ichnia. Of course, Mr. Victor do it! How can you think about such issues in advance, right?

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