MP Oleksiy Honcharenko, during the autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, made an unusual attempt to recall the dangers and toxicities that could come from the Russian delegation in the event of its return to the PACE. To accomplish this, the MP… put on green rubber gloves, thus reminding the poisoning of Skripal family and “tourists” in Salisbury. More – in reactions from Opinion.

“If you let Russia through your doorstep, then check your door’s handle,” said Honcharenko in his recent post. According to the MP, he came to the PACE session in protective gloves to demonstrate to parliamentarians what might happen if Russia returns to the PACE.  According to the MP, there are clear conditions for the aggressor state to resume its activity in the organization: the release of our political prisoners, the withdrawal of troops from the Donbas and the return of Crimea. Well, for someone it’s obvious, and for someone, Honcharenko has to show his green gloves.

The first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko told that the speech by Ukrainian delegation succeeded in ticking off the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Jagland, who set himself the goal, by all means, to return Russia to the PACE before the end of his presidency, without the implementation of Assembly’s resolutions. According to the post, each member of the delegation made a personal contribution to this.

Gerashchenko singled out Honcharenko because he “recalled that it is terrible to sit down with Russians at one table, cause they can poison you.” Actually, after the MP had put on rubber gloves, Jagland .relapsed. According to Herashchenko, he ran to the rostrum and began to justify himself, but the improvised performance had a completely opposite effect. However, general mood, according to the author of the post, divided about 50 to 50: the healthy part of the Assembly clearly names things with their names, and the second part continues its song about dialogue and other disgusting methods of principles’ betrayal.

The initiator of this thin trolling himself told about Secretary General’s reaction. Honcharenko turned to Jagland, stressing that words are worth nothing if they are based solely on money, and Europe is the fundamental values for which we are ready to fight.

The MP was supported by blogger Myroslav Oleshko, who stressed that our media have to make good efforts to make this photo fly all over the world. Yep, Myroslav, the top task of Ukrainian journalists as of October, 9 is to spread the photo of Oleksiy Honcharenko all over the world. 

However, such a gesture of Honcharenko among users of the Ukrainian network has not received any special attention yet. For example, ex-People’s Deputy Viktor Ukolov modestly spread the post on his page and wrote: “an example of a visual accompaniment of the debate in the PACE.” Yes, it may be this way. But if these people need to show everything with visual accompaniment, then I can’t imagine that they should be brought to meetings, to show the problem somewhat closer to Ukraine.

You want to say “employee of NewsOne”, and your brain automatically wants to sware. So, Ruslan Kotsaba shared his superficial thoughts. However, there is nothing special to comment on. So, just look in what the most of the employees (I emphasize, they are not journalists, to call them this way is a sin)of a channel that was in the center of a scandal and can be closed because of sanctions are interested in. Well, I do not mind it at all, let the children play, they don’t have much time left.

But we have not only NewsOne. Here as some kind of a gender balance, we have a female version of Mr. Shariy – Ms. Olga. She greets Ukrainian delegation in her post, because, now she turns her passport with a trident down. Hey! In such cases, I have only one question, why does this person have a Ukrainian passport at all? Well, theoretically?

And finally, I’ll add a bit of facebook creativity to you from all the pages we are familiar with. They ask why not put on a gas mask. In fact, I just wanted to ask the same. Especially when I was watching a video of a conversation with a Russian “journalist”. I wouldn’t mind the complete protective suit. And some headphones in order not to hear anything odd. Well, you know, they sometimes like to bark.

Reactions and gloves were collected by Stepan the Goat

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