The number of activists on whom was made an assassination attempt is increasing. This night unknown threw a grenade into the apartment of coordinator of organization С14 Serhiy Mazur. As a result of the explosion, the father of an activist suffered, but he was lucky – a table took the brunt, it actually saved his life. However, it is clear that the activist should have been in the victim’s place since the grenade was thrown into the window of his room. More about another attempt – in reactions from Opinion.

According to Serhiy Mazur, there was a ladder near the window of his apartment, where a grenade was thrown. The incident itself coordinator of C14 connects with his public activities.

Eventually, the activist added that he should have been in his father’s place because everything had happened in his room. According to Serhiy Mazur, the blast wave knocked out literally everything: the fragments were everywhere in the range of dozens of meters. In addition, a few days before “executive officers” came several times to check the house arrest of the activist, although it has ended a long time ago.

It is interesting that at first, the police wanted to qualify the situation as … hooliganism. Not a terrorist attack, and not an assassination attempt, just a simple hooliganism. Well, it happens. Although later on the official website of the police they wrote that the case was classified as the assassination attempt. Mazur believes that it was done to avoid “hustle and bustle”, as it was with the attack on activist Kateryna Handziuk.

Indeed, today the National Police’s website reported that the planned explosion in Mazur’s apartment was classified as an assassination attempt. According to law enforcement officers, at the time of the explosion in the room, there were two more family members. For a time of the investigation, a reinforced investigation team headed by Deputy Chief of the Regional Police was established. The investigation is going on.

Instead, leader of C14 Yevhen Karas suggested that the grenade in Mazur’s apartment is a greeting from separatists or Krysin, who was put behind the bars a day before. Thus another assassination attempt was added to the Handziuk list.

According to Karas, criminals set the ladder and climbed to the second floor, where they threw the RGD-5 grenade into a small window. The activist’s father was saved by the curtain and ricochet from the table. Today, at 11 am friends, acquaintances, deputies and simply concerned ones gathered under the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the requirement of proper investigation.

MP Igor Lutsenko, whose assistant is actually Serhiy Mazur, stressed that the most probable version is Serhiy’s public activity. In particular, his assistance in creating resonance around the case of Krysin the head of “titushkys”, who went to serve his sentence in the colony the day before the assassination attempt.

People’s Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk emphasized that in Kyiv Russian saboteurs and collaborators feel themselves like at home, and political assassinations and terrorist attacks have become a part of everyday life. In addition, according to Mosiychuk, during the past two days, unknown people were wandered under the apartment of civic activists and assistants of MP Andriy Lozovyi. The author of the post stresses: perhaps it is time not to expect a new terrorist attack or assassination attempt, maybe it’s time to clean out Kyiv from “pro-Russian bastards”.

The blogger, Ivan Oberemko, in his turn, also emphasized that assassination attempt of Mazur somehow coincided with the departure of Krysin to the prison, who was finally put behind the bars, due to the pressure from Sergei.

A blogger, volunteer, and social activist Nazar Prykhodko is convinced that in order for the authorities to hear the activists, something more than rallies with music and diverse marches is needed. Thus, after the action “Night on Bankova”, where they were talking about more than 50 attacks, the result was… a new attack.

Oleh Tyagnybok, the leader of the “Svoboda” party, criticized the law enforcement officers for the previous hooliganism classification of the case. He stressed that such actions show only one thing: instead of investigating crimes against patriots, law enforcement officers cover offenders at the highest level. Actually, it is because of this that Mr.Tyahnybok called on to join the action, which began today at 11 o’clock.

MP Yuriy Bublyk noted that he personally knows Serhiyy Mazur as a true Ukrainian and a principled fighter for justice, and such actions are a “response” from those who are waiting for revenge or the arrival of the “Russian world”. This is what a hybrid war is. So Bublik advises: if someone is relaxed, then it’s time to regain one’s head.

If you have your position and the courage to voice it and act – wait for a criminal case, attacks, and grenades. Anna Demydenko is convinced in this. And this is despite the fact that it is not about Avdiivka or Donetsk, but about the peaceful Boryspil, where as a result of the criminal actions the unguilty man had suffered.

Kyrylo Dorolenko, the assistant consultant of one of the MPs, stressed that when you step on this path to defend your position and fight for your ideas, you should forget about normal life. Despite the fact that you will constantly be worrying about your own safety and security of your friends, an enemy can always strike at people who are close to you.

The head of the Young People’s Movement, Andriy Rybalko, believes that Mazur has crossed the road to many pro-Russian ones, separatists and “titushkys” of Yanukovych time. More enemies you have, more honor you get. In addition, Rybalko emphasizes: when you are on the path to active social life, you realize that from this moment your life will be saturated and meaningful, but not too safe and comfortable. When you stand up against the current, when you are noticed, for sure there will be insults and even enemies.

Civic activist and former head of Odesa branch of the Right Sector Serhiy Sternenko, who was under attack for three times, and the customers were still not detained, said with a tangible sarcasm that Avakov should upload one more lemon to his Instagram; Lutsenko should make a statement after which nothing will happen, and the president should be silent and pretend that this does not concern him. Just 55+ ordered attacks on activists in one incomplete year. It happens to everyone, right?

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