Back to news from the political front. “Self-Reliance” party of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi and “Democratic Alliance” of Kyiv City Council’s deputy Vasyl Hatsko decided to unite before the upcoming elections. According to them, such a decision was made because they perceive risks that our country allegedly facing. The one candidate from two political forces will be Sadovyi. More about new alliances on the eve of the election – in reactions from Opinion.

So, now let’s see what the leaders themselves wrote on their pages on this occasion. So, the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, will start his argument. According to him, the purpose of the two political forces targets several tasks, including the removal of power from corrupt politicians, who serve oligarchs; the construction of an institutional and legal state; the development of Ukrainian economy. These are the promises. Have you heard something similar during the last elections and the ones before them?

 Vasyl Hatsko also has explained his move. He says this action comes alongside his task to build a country of educated, wealthy and happy citizens over the next 10 years. Again, he mentioned all the stuff about oligarchic projects, etc. Well. Why are you being so modest, only 10 years? Let’s make it 20 for such ambitions so that we already know exactly for what we should prepare.

However, political experts treated this news more critically than the ones who’ve made them. So, for example, Olexiy Minakov stressed that Hrytsenko suffers losses. Actually, the first black day for Anatoliy was when Sadovyi announced his decision to run for the presidency. Now Hatsko by joining the “Self-Reliance” also bailed on Hrytsenko. According to the expert, Lviv mayor thus disarmed Mr. Anatoliy, and perhaps the only possible option for the latter is… joining Sadovyi, in order not to disappear from the political arena.

However, “DemAlliance” also has its bonuses. Minakov believes that the party, thanks to Sadovyi, will receive a structure with ties to a young electorate that will be actively used in the presidential and parliamentary elections. Therefore, from the political expert’s point of view, we have a big “plus” for Mr. Sadovyi, and the same big “minus” for Mr. Hrytsenko.

On the other hand, the MP and former journalist Svitlana Zalishchuk noted that such unifying processes are very important, however, at the same time, the new generation has its own challenge: to mobilize and launch a public-political movement in order to move with their own platform to the presidential race. Whether Sadovyi, Hrytsenko or (Dear Lord, where do they get it in their heads?) Vakarchuk will be the only candidate – only time will tell. Zalishchuk herself admitted that she sympathized with Gritsenko and Sadovyi, but she added that today hundreds of thousands of people were waiting for the creation of new forces.

In his turn, Zalishchuk’s colleague, MP Mustafa Nayyem, “moderately greeted” the initiative of “DemAlliance” leadership to support a stronger partner. However, he stressed that he is not entirely certain that such an agreement would lead to a real convergence of candidates. Unlike Minakov, Nayyem doesn’t offer Hrytsenko to join Sadovyi, but actually expects this. And, again, he recalled Vakarchuk, who according to ex-journalist had not rejected the idea of running for the presidency yet. I wonder whom Vakarchuk could invite to his political alliance. I’m joking, I’m not wondering.

Political scientist Viktor Taran is convinced that the new alliance did not cause a great euphoria in society, that is still waiting… for the unification of democratic candidates around Hrytsenko or Vakarchuk. Stop! Come on, whether this society, which experts recall not the first time, is really waiting for Vakarchuk? Do I live in a parallel universe? I can’t understand. But, I’m getting a little off-track. Read the post of Taran, there are actually lots of interesting thoughts, because I’m a bit “frozen”, I don’t know for which song of “Okean Elzy” to vote, if we have such a merry-go-round.

However, not all were so good-mannered, polite and restrained, while commenting on a new union. That’s why Ms. Farion named it… a mating (is it only me who has those associations?) of “two great political weaknesses.” And here we have the pearl of all jokes: they nominated (attention)… Lviv’s garbage for the post of the President. Well, you know, I show little sympathy to Sadovyi and to Farion as well, but in October 2018 still mocking him for garbage – I don’t know how unacceptable. You might remind some mess-ups from high school. You need something new, more interesting one, come on.

For those who are lazy to read big thoughts of the MPs and experts, I propose a brief version of the events outlined by blogger Anton Hodza. Everything is very simple.   So, the act is very wise, because after a possible (or probable, I am confused) defeat, “Self-Reliance” will be able to blame “DemAlliance”, and they… of course will be able to blame “Self-Reliance”. What a brilliant strategy they have? What a thoughtful and gradual decision, this is what I understand.

And in the end – a bit of Facebook creativity, as it always happens. So to speak, we’re finally summarizing what we’ve learned for today. “For now Sadovyi is not alone, except Hatsko they are afraid of Sadovyi”,  I only didn’t get this part – who is afraid of whom? I think it’s just the end of the week that I don’t understand jokes. Maybe you will laugh. See you in the next reactions!

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