And now a little bit about an important event that stuffed the entire feed of your page. So, yesterday, on October 11, at a meeting of the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, it was decided to approve the provision of Tomos on autocephaly of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. However, the general mood of the network, for the most part, emphasizes: Tomos is already there. About an important historical moment, the general joy and the expected hysteria – in reactions from Opinion.

On his web page president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed that Ukraine was waiting for autocephaly for long 332 years, and yesterday, on October 11th, this decision was finally adopted, granting of Tomos is on-going. At the same time, the president is confident: yesterday will go down the history as the date of the beginning of the completion of Ukraine’s Independence formation.

Yevstratiy Zorya published on his page a complete translation of the announcement of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Instead, Iryna Gerashchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, stressed that it is already possible to say that Ukraine received a long-awaited autocephaly. And even though our state is secular, according to Herashchenko, the local church is able to unite the nation. In fact, Constantinople has confirmed autocephaly, so our right to a local church from now on is just a question of a very short time.

MP Ihor Mosiychuk also emphasized that Tomos indeed happens, and independent Ukrainian church will be established. At the same time, the MP added that for him personally it’s not a matter of politics and election campaign, but a matter of life, a struggle for an independent state.

The blogger Ivan Oberemko confessed that he had a really hard time rejoicing some religious issues because of the absolute neutrality to this topic, but in this case, the joy is still there. Why? Because this is another defeat of Russia, what is remarkable is that this defeat happened allegedly at its field, because Moscow has invested in this huge amount of money. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first hysterics, accusations, and threats have already started. And what does the blogger say about it?  He says that it makes him happy and inspires.

Blogger and columnist of our edition Tatusya Bo also commented on the news that since last evening couldn’t disappear from the feed of almost every user of Ukrainian segment of the network. She says she fell asleep, woke up, and then the whole Internet literally exploded from everyone drinking and hugging. At first, the blogger thought that it was about Putin’s death, but this was a discussion of Tomos question. Although I confess, both news would be equally happy. If only it could happen in one day, just imagine.

However, one should not forget about security issues in the context of those hysterics and threats that Ivan Oberemko wrote about. Blogger Anton Hodza expressed his hope that Filaret is now protected no worse than the Ukrainian president since sycophants of Moscow church and Russia will definitely look for a way to spoil our celebration.

Journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk is convinced that this historic process will no longer have the way back. And even if the president of Ukraine changes, or, God willing(I add it from myself), the president of Russia will change, the Ukrainian independent church will continue to exist.

Political scientist Viktor Taran also joined those who are already convinced that Tomos is ours. According to him, yesterday Constantinople provided autocephaly to our church, and further, we have a real roadmap made of three steps: the adoption of a new law, the holding of a unifying congress of all Orthodox churches and the election of a church head, to which Tomos will be handed over. It can take a few months, but the main thing is that another, very important and timely step has been taken.

Semen Kabakaev shared his happiness. He also stressed that there are several procedures ahead, which Viktor Taran mentioned already. Only then will Tomos be officially ours. However, victory is already in our hands, because all of us have witnessed a historical event.

The blogger Miroslav Oleshko, in his natural key, praised Petro Poroshenko, stressing that he, together with the Patriarch Filaret, entered into history forever. Although, according to Oleshko, everyone said that this is impossible, as well as a visa-free regime and an association with the EU, reality shows that Ukraine is capable of everything.

The blogger and journalist Denys Kazanskyi believes that it is much more interesting to follow the reaction to Tomos inside Ukraine because the first reactions of those who criticize and level all the joy and sense of victory are heard. And such a reaction is a good marker because one who doesn’t recognize the right of Ukrainian church to autocephaly does not recognize the right of the Ukrainian people to exist. These are conclusions we have.

The politician Volodymyr Ariev emphasized that the decision will be made after the Council of new Ukrainian church. The rest is already done. This is the event of the millennium, because Moscow stole the independence of the Ukrainian church, the same it did with the name “Rus”. Actually, because of this, the entire Moscow Patriarchate freaks out now. Thus only attributes had left there from the true faith. And we break up with “Russian world” for sure. And this, in the author’s opinion, is irreversible.

The writer Yuriy Vynnychuk also joined the discussion of Tomos, adding that, in fact, the umbilical cord has been cut… well, you understand with whom.

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