The passing week was truly explosive in the Ukrainian media landscape: sabotage in the artillery warehouses, the hype around Tomos and the end of Sentsov’s hunger strike. Should we believe all that is said, or better wear protective glasses – we’ll take a look at the traditional Opinion digest. 

For the visual accompaniment, the works from the “Hope” exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015 were selected. At that time, Ukrainian artists redefined contemporary culture through the prism of the Revolution of Dignity, the annexation of the Crimea, the war in the Donbas. Many works are made in the dark colors, however, each of them repeats the classic Ukrainian mantra “I hope against hope”.

A synonym for waiting

Week in the prism: analyzing the key events through the Ukrainian exhibition "Hope" in Venice

The Ecumenical Patriarchate has confirmed, that Tomos will be given to Ukraine. It also removed the anathema from the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC KP) Filaret and the head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) Makariy. In addition, the patriarch recognized the illegal annexation of the Kyiv Metropole by the Russian Church in 1686.

Now, there is no formal reason for the Ukrainian believer to remain in the church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Except one – loyalty to the Kremlin (you do not think, that Moscow Patriarch Kirill, a great friend of Putin and Donetsk militants will simply give up positions in Ukraine, don’t you?). Moscow clerics have already expressed fears,  that in Ukraine the temples will be occupied. However, despite the drivel of Muscovites, such a decision on the change of jurisdiction is taken only by the community of the temple.

Also, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has outlined, that the mother-church for Ukraine is Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, not Moscow.

“In the near future, we will unite and get the Tomos of autocephaly for the Ukrainian, already the united and only church”, Patriarch Filaret announced during a short briefing on Thursday, confirming, that the anathema is taken off from him.

According to him, now the UOC-KP, the UAOC and those priests of the UOC-MP, who want to join a single local church will be united. Filaret also added that the Russian Orthodox Church can act on the territory of Ukraine – only it will not be called Ukrainian. In this way, the UOC-MP will have to change its name, the Primate is assured.

A blind spot

Week in the prism: analyzing the key events through the Ukrainian exhibition "Hope" in Venice

If you think, that the recognition of the Ukrainian church will take place softly and quietly, then take off your rose-colored glasses as soon as possible. Someone (whats-his-name) is already annoyed by the fact of Ukraine’s independence, and the best gift for him, as experts say, is undermining the situation in our country. On October 7, Putin celebrates his 66th birthday, and the next day, there is a sabotage in artillery warehouse near the village of Ichnia, which is in the Chernihiv region. Artillery ammunition is burning and exploding, and some parts are flying away for dozens of kilometers. Thanks to the concerted actions (and, of course, the extraordinary luck) they managed to avoid human losses. However, rescuers had to evacuate 12.5 thousand residents of the surrounding villages.

All the data show, that this was a sabotage. A few days before the bombings, in settlements near the depots, there were interruptions with mobile communications, and on the Ukrainian-Russian border were noticed some special vehicles, which were probably transporting Russian drones.

In many warehouses, ammunition is not kept properly – in open areas, without sufficiently equipped fire protection, without alarm. And, of course, money is needed for all these. But now the government has allocated 100 million hryvnias for the elimination of the consequences of explosions. How much was the cost of destroyed supplies, how much the country’s economy lost due to the evacuation of the whole area – experts are finding out. However, it immediately became clear, that prevention (read – protection of artillery depots) is much cheaper. Maybe the sabotage was made by the Russian military, that is not the question. What did the Ukrainian military do to prevent 6 explosions in the country’s artillery depots during the last 4 years?

A cage

Week in the prism: analyzing the key events through the Ukrainian exhibition "Hope" in Venice

Ukrainian drivers are suffering from rising prices for gasoline, diesel, and autogas. For six weeks the price for a liter of fuel has grown from 1.5 extra hryvnias to more than 3. Now the price tags on petrol stations are full of figures higher than 30. However, there are almost no reasons to expect, that fuel prices will fall. Experts assume that gasoline, diesel, and autogas in Ukraine will continue to rise in price.
In many cities of Ukraine, protest rallies were held when cars stopped for a while, provoking large traffic jams in the cities. They could not even talk to officials in their offices. The upper mentioned ones are also at a loss: “We do not affect the price of the fuel.”

The experts do not expect price tags at Ukrainian refueling stations go down in the near future. Despite all the events and changes in the world market for carbohydrates, domestic Ukrainian factors will put pressure on the price of fuel, assumes the chairman of the board of the Alliance “New Energy of Ukraine” Valerii Borovyk in the material of Radio Svoboda.

“Although the dollar rate constantly changing, it gradually goes up. The next year, the hryvnia rate against the dollar is even higher in the state budget. This is also influencing. Sometimes the foreign markets have falling prices, but we do not see this fall, we even see the growth of prices on our petrol stations – the owners of the retail network don’t want to lose their money “,  said Borovyk.

So, fill your tanks up to the top, and even better – let’s use the public transport, ride a bicycle and run. Often it comes out faster and benefits your health and wallet.


Week in the prism: analyzing the key events through the Ukrainian exhibition "Hope" in Venice

“I did not have a choice”: Oleg Sentsov wrote a letter to his sister. In it, the political prisoner told about his health and explained in details why he stopped a hunger strike.

“Natasha, hello. I’m forced to stop hunger strike tomorrow. To the open letter, I will add nothing. Last week they had to resuscitate me slowly (from a hunger strike, ed.). But I slightly delayed it, the last checkup showed, that vitals are “broken”. In the heart there is an arrhythmia with ischemia, the kidneys are clogged and at any moment will refuse to work, the liver is enlarged and started to sphacelate, the intestine, the brain – everything. I am sorry to lose, but there was no choice for me left, I do not want to turn it all into a humiliating performance … “, is said in the letter.

On October 5, Sentsov announced the end of the hunger strike since October 6 because of the threat of forced feeding. He was on his hunger strike with the requirement to release all Ukrainian political prisoners of the Kremlin for 145 days. In order to cope with his feelings, Oleg started a scenario about life in prison. His decision was supported by the whole world, and best (on a subjective point of view) – political prisoner Stanislav Klych, who was also illegally convicted for the murder of Russian militants in Grozny in 1994-95.

Death does not need us, your mother and children need you. I will not disapprove you, if you stop the hunger strike, and I understand that you are tired of it, especially of the promises that you’ll be released soon, the ones from the letters. I also receive such letters and they do annoy me, but it is necessary to understand, that people from all over the world, who write letters, mean us well. From the moment of your hunger strike,  more attention to Ukrainian political prisoners was paid; for this, I think we are all grateful to you”, Klych wrote.

We really appreciate you, Oleg. We are grateful and invincible.

By Kostyantyn Rul

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