Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of “Svoboda” party, said he has no intentions to run for the presidency at the upcoming elections. Instead, the leader of the organization offered to support Ruslan Koshulynskyi. However, the name of the only candidate from all nationalist forces is going to be announced on January the first. More on the continuation of political changes – in reactions from Opinion.

The post, in which Oleh Tyahnybok one more time reported on his decision, began with an illogical introduction that the mission of the modern generation is to finish their struggle with victory all the stuff about heroes. Tyahnybok said that a whole nation awaits a response to the question of whether nationalists will have a common candidate for the presidential elections. Modesty, you know.

So, Tyahnybok insists on the fact that the interests of the nation and state must be higher than any ambitions. That’s why the head of “Svoboda” won’t run for a presidency. However, there is still a suitable candidate, Ruslan Koshulynskyi, who, according to Tyahnybok, has the experience of managing the state at a time critical for the country. The author of the post urged all nationalists to support this candidate.

The blogger Roza Tumanova, who was also a member of “Svoboda”, noticed that in this case, the common sense has triumphed, since “putting” Tyagnibok, who significantly lost credibility, in the election again, would mean to lose deliberately. Moreover, Tumanova stresses that the party should change its leader Tyahnybok, and not just blindly follow all his decisions. As a result, the blogger congratulated “Svoboda” with a worthy candidate, adding that the party should also learn to formally recognize its failures and reckless moves. 

However, not all bloggers and leaders of the Ukrainian segment of Facebook have decided to devote so many letters to such news. Here, for example, the political expert Olexiy Minakov simply noted that Oleh Tyahnybok decided to go… against the trend. Well, what? While Sadovyi and DemAlliance are united in new forces, one has to somehow change the focus of attention. So, please, you were always going to elections, and now you’ll just pop for voting.

The blogger and political scientist Leonid Shvets was very generous with his sarcasm for a nationalist. He says that Tyahnybok’s refusal to run is literally a national tragedy, flags should be lowered. Well, what can you do here? This way real cataclysms and problems remain unnoticed, what did you think?

Instead, political scientist Petro Oleschuk stressed that the decision to nominate Koshulynskyi is still good from the standpoint of “playing a long game”. After all, this candidate is an absolute authority for a nationalist electorate that will consolidate voters. In addition, other nationalist forces are unlikely to put forward anyone else because they will look rather trivial in comparison. But there are some problems. The political scientist emphasizes that the recognizability of Koshulynskyi is significantly lower than Tyahnybok, about which all the years have probably already been heard. But this is a question for the election campaign, which we still need to see.

Borys Humenyuk, writer and soldier, wrote about the correctness of the choice of “Svoboda”. He told how once Koshulynskyi impressed him by going to the front in the rank of a sergeant, although he could have tried on general’s pants. Thus, according to Humenyuk, united Ukrainians will be able to bring a new candidate to the second round of the presidential race. Well, here, we also have some ambitions, but a little more real than in the first post of Tyahnybok.

Oleksandr Aronets, the activist of “Svoboda” also supported Koshulynskyi, telling about Ruslan’s experience in past elections of the Lviv’s mayor. Then he was able to gain considerable support from voters for a fairly short period of time and get to the second round.  As in the post of Humenyuk, Aronets is confident that the new candidate will have all the chances to get to the second round.

Another “Svoboda” member Andriy Kondratiev, in his turn, tried to summarize what was said by those who managed to oppose the new presidential candidate from “Svoboda”. According to him, the opponents of Koshulynskyi either don’t like his surname, or age, or the presence or absence of information about his roots. In the end, the author also notes that he hasn’t seen any claims from “healthy people”. I would like to be a little bit philosophical about the fact that one should not think only inside of his box’s feed, right?

The blogger and economist Borys Kushniruk believes that Koshulynskyi’s nomination for the presidential election is no longer surprising. After all, it is obvious that Tyahnybok in these elections can score even less than during the previous ones. This will not allow the party to act as the main center of nationalists. Therefore, this decision was made. However, the problem, according to the author of the post, is that even the nationalist voters are tired of Tyahnybok’s figure. In any case, you can blame Koshulynskyi for bad results of the presidential election. In this case, it will also slightly “slow down” his possible ambitions to lead the party.

Reactions and tears of Tyahnybok were collected by Stepan the Goat

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