And a bit of news from that side of the fence. Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church broke church communication with the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The reason was apparently clear to everyone; it is the decision to grant autocephaly for the Ukrainian church. In the network, this news has become mainstream the last day; it seems that there will be plenty of jokes about “schismatics”, for a long time. What about us? We’ve collected a traditional review of reactions from Opinion.

So, let’s start with the opinion of the spokesman of the UOC KP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyivan Patriarchate) Yevstratiy Zorya. He emphasized that the decision of the Russian Orthodox Church fully and completely repeats the Kremlin’s policy, that is, self-isolation in response to the legitimate decisions of the international community. You know, it happens that the Patriarch Kirill since 1991 is “the architect of the Ukrainian church division”, so it is difficult for him to admit his guilt and mistakes for 27 years of damaging practice. However, now, for everyone who belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, one question arose: to go together with the Russian Orthodox Church or stay in unity with the local Ukrainian church. That’s it.

For the MP Ihor Mosiychuk, such news was joyful of course. According to him, the decision of the Synod of the ROC should force the world’s Orthodoxy to stop letting “schismatics” from the Russian Orthodox Church to service and communion at the Mount Athos and in the Temple of the Lord.

Speaking about schismatics let’s find out who is who. Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun explained in his post why the actual activities of the ROC are not schism. At first, it requires agreement from both sides. Well, the one that they will no longer communicate with each other. Nothing like this had happened from Constantinople side. Secondly, in the case of a global schism, all other local churches will have to determine on which side they are. Will they be willing to do so? Unlikely. As a result, the expert states: this is not a schism, just a crack. Moreover, it’s just imaginary by one church because other churches won’t pay attention to this. So, so further, “schismatics” in this review we treat with a slight irony, ok?

Instead, political expert Olexiy Minakov tried to explain why the ROC is a “cult”. In his opinion, they just do not have tomos. This fact “popped up” precisely because of their excessive attention to the providing of autocephaly to the Ukrainian church. In addition, if you reject all this formality and canons, de facto, according to an expert, the Russian Church continues to serve as the 4th Division of the 5th KGB department, but already in the FSB. And it does not smell like faith there. These representatives of God on earth are the cult of Putin.

Political scientist Halyna Kuts decided not to omit the question of canons and asked if this decision was lawful. After all, it was approved on the territory of Belarus, which is a part of the Kyiv metropolis. Although, as the author thinks, the Russian Orthodox Church may have specifically proclaimed a decision there, so that it could be considered invalid then. Hah, what a “long-game”.

The blogger Mason Lemberg is convinced that the decision of the ROC is an indication that this church has nothing to do with religion, Orthodoxy, and Christianity at all. Moreover, the blogger suggested naming things by their proper names, and after the completion of the procedure for obtaining an autocephaly of the Ukrainian church, rename the “cult” into the “Moscow pseudo-Orthodox church.” These bloggers… when sarcasm and irony with jokes mask in the text in some bizarre way, and you think, why it is here.

In his turn actor and volunteer Myroslav Gai, has emphasized that the believers themselves are not the ones to blame, because they are not guilty of the fact that one of the largest Orthodox communities is headed by the “Satanists of the KGB” who are trying to turn this community into schismatics. So, the blogger sees the only way out – to join and transfer to the Ukrainian local Orthodox Church, not to lose contact with the church in Constantinople as well as the opportunity to go for a church trip to Athos. Well, speaking about the latter, it sounded like there is a bus Moscow-Athos somewhere in Russia, which departs every 15 minutes and is always full of believers.

Political scientist Viktor Taran drew attention to a slightly different question: what will the Serbian and Antiochian churches do? If they join the Russian Orthodox Church, it will look dangerous. If they ignore the demarche made by Moscow, then it will exclusively be about the further isolation of Russia. Well, not the first one, you’ve understood. Just this time it will be in a spiritual dimension.

Journalist Yanina Sokolovska stated that the ROC had lost Ukraine.  Thus, the “Russian world”, without showing its Christian humility and love, retreated at its most sensitive point – spiritual one, and fell into a trap set by Constantinople. Amen!

A writer, psychologist, and psychiatrist Boris Khersonsky told how Moscow could behave differently. Imagine ROC doesn’t prevent Ukraine from getting tomos and even taking part in a general meeting. For what reason? For this way, it would be possible to absorb the Ukrainian church, and the newly elected leader would, of course, be the one from Moscow Patriarchate and would have a pro-Russian position. Well, something like this, I think, the script is quite understandable. Dear Lord, it’s good that they didn’t think that way. I know you give everyone according to their needs and capacities.

To understand the scale of this news – even the adviser to the Interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak commented on it.   He wished a nice trip for the ROC on its way to break the relationship with Constantinople. However, he adds that this should be expected, the Russian Orthodox Church became an “imperial cult”, and we create an autocephalous local Ukrainian church and follow our path with the world’s Orthodoxy together with Constantinople. Also, we’re getting ready to resist the destructive actions and to prevent the provocations of Putin’s regime. At this stage, Shkiryak, apparently, recalled that he was still primarily an advisor to Avakov, and only then a blogger on free topics.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya suggested (perhaps it was a joke, I don’t understand anything without these emoticons), that we are not far away from the implementation of the visa regime with Russians. Well, now, Athos is just impossible.

And yet this decision reminded the expert of a phrase by one Russian citizen that “the sin of schism is not washed away even by blood.” Interestingly, it was said in the early 2000s, and now that dude is apparently blushing. Because he doesn’t know what to do.

Well, for the end I will add some humorous posts and one great picture, to the author of which I’m very thankful, although I couldn’t find it. If you know, write me, I’ll thank him personally. So amen, darlings, we have quite a good start for a week. See you in the upcoming reactions!

Reactions were gathered and the road to Athos was blocked for ROC by Stepan the Goat

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