The National Anti-Terrorist Committee of Russia said that an unidentified device exploded in a college in Kerch on the territory of the annexed Crimea. This is reported by the Russian edition of RBC.

It is reported that representatives of the Russian FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, RosGvardii and the MOE came to the scene.

The territory of the college is surrounded, the evacuation was carried out. The place of the event is surveyed by the FSB of the Russian Federation.

According to preliminary information, an explosion occurred in the dining room, reports RBC.

The Investigative Committee of Russia instituted a criminal investigation of the deaths as a result of the explosion.

The head of the SC Russia instructed to take a criminal case before proceeding to the central apparatus and sent investigators and criminologists from Moscow to the scene.

As it was reported, on the afternoon of October 17, an explosion occurred in the college in occupied Kerch, which killed at least 10 people.

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