Well, have you laughed at the Russian tourists in Salisbury? Now it’s time to laugh at Ukrainian spies. Recently, one of the TV channels has published the “interview” with Serhiy Semochko, the first deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service. There, he denied the words of journalists about the illegally obtained real property and the Russian citizenship of his wife. You know. Tragic music, the lines learned by heart and a journalist as a decoration. More details – in reactions from Opinion.

Let us recall that on October 3, NABU opened proceedings against Serhiy Semochko, which was registered under an article on illegal enrichment. It happened thanks to the materials of the journalistic investigation of the “Our Money” program, the author and leader of which is journalist Denys Bihus.

Prior to our review of reactions, of course, I propose to look at the interview itself. Don’t be surprised, the long monologue at the very beginning and the journalist who doesn’t perform any of his professional functions in the frame – it is quite normal. Well, a tragic music – it’s in order to make this video more interesting for you.

So, the author of “Our Money” program, Denys Bihus, has decided not to say anything about this, let’s say, “interview”. You’ll ask me why? Well, firstly, right after watching it, it is extremely difficult to pick up some good language. And, secondly, the author plans to express all his thoughts outside the virtual network. However, Bihus added that he was completely “finished” with the thesis that for filming Semochko journalists needed almost Kremlin’s intelligence.

Then, let’s start, perhaps, from a post that doesn’t contain any clear analysis, but at the same time, it is a good illustration of my thoughts (and, perhaps, yours) after watching that “dialogue” (more precisely – monologue). By a blogger Ivan Oberemko. Prompter. Haha Maybe Mr. Semochko had two sleepless nights tried to learn his speech, what about this option? Okay, I’m silent.

The writer and blogger Zoya Kazanzhy confessed that after such an interview she became even a little offensive to our intelligence. The author asked to convey Semochko that once some journalists, knowing about sanctions and responsibility, challenged and defeated the head of the executive branch. The head was forced to terminate his powers ahead of time, and this was the first case in the history of the country. Actually, for Mr. Semochko, there is a hint: she speaks about the Watergate scandal. Well, this complex puzzle, Ms. Kazandzhy, is not for our intelligence. But, as the blogger says, the host, whose phone number is known in any flower shop, had already managed to write “excuse me” post.  Hmm, let’s see.

So, let’s look at what Mr. Oleksandr Mamay wrote to us. Not much, really. He says it’s disgusting. He says his whitening will be long and boring. Thus, so far he couldn’t be named journalist-investigator. Well, it’s good that a person admits his guilt. But when I, for example, am disgusted with some food at a restaurant, then I refuse and call the administrator, I don’t finish it and don’t talk about it on the web. But you know. It’s just philosophical stuff.

For those who haven’t seen a video that I have so carefully uploaded to the website, here is a brief description of everything that happened from the journalist Kristina Berdynskyh. She says that she doesn’t know who prepared Semochko for this interview, but she wants to thank journalist Lesya Ivanova for investigation. Aha. The hyperlink is received, we are sending our review flight to Ivanova’s page.

Aha. Lesya Ivanova, actually, at first… she thanked Shemochko that he finally decided to say that he’s here for a first time in two weeks. He needed some time to learn how to read from the prompter. But then the author decided to disappoint the hero of conversation because she and the team still failed to recruit a dozen FSB agents for routine work. So they had to do everything on their own. That’s why Ivanova asked to inform the driver of Semochko that it is prohibited to ride when the red light is on, as well as at the wrong side of the road. And to smoke, every 15 minutes is not really good. How do you like it Elon Musk?

But Serhiy Koshman doesn’t believe that this is a reality at all: Semochko is an employee of special services, he said all this seriously, and he… in general exists. You know it may be right. In fact, it’s all rigged so poorly and mechanistically that even robot Sophia laughs loudly. Then why it was done? It’s all as plain as the nose on your face: to frustrate Ukrainians and destabilize Tomos happiness.   Haven’t you forgotten to enter the mode of sarcasm, right?

Roman Kulyk, a blogger and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, simply named it “15-minutes-long facepalm”. And again briefly about the main thing: the meaningless statement at the beginning, an apology for the bad Ukrainian and shifting to Russian, the passport of his wife, the words of his father before death and pathos about state’s defense. Congratulations! You’ve just (or for the first time) watched the interview of Semochko. Thumbs up and subscribe to our channel, in order not to miss new spies… excuse me, new series.

But now, the most interesting thing that Mr. Kulyk had told at the end of his post, and what was confirmed on another official page: The Security Service of Ukraine has started criminal proceedings under the article on state treason against a former SBU employee Serhiy Semochko. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, my darlings.

Journalist-investigator Oleksandr Kurbatov told about a very interesting (and no less contemptuous) term that he somehow invented with his colleagues. This term is applied to those cases, when only convenient, agreed with customers, questions are asked on the air. So now, this term became somehow more profound. And some facts from the author of the post: Semochko acknowledged that he was given the opportunity to answer all the questions before the story was released, he refused to explain the origin of his fortune and did not explain his regular trips to Crimea. This is some kind of Salisbury in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the post, the MP and ex-journalist Mustafa Nayyem posed a fair question: Why do they think that the others are morons? Nayeem is convinced that while we’re arguing over fakes and Russian propaganda, we are fed with something similar in our own house. It’s a shame – that’s what the People’s Deputy emphasizes. It’s a shame to see this cut and still release it on the air. It’s a shame to realize that nobody will believe it, but still publish it. It’s a shame for you Mr. Nayyem, and money (theoretically) were received by someone else.

Instead, the blogger Alex Noinets has decided not to restrain himself in terms of language and emotions and, perhaps, naming things with their proper names.   The blogger says that all this can be characterized by one single word – shame. And arguing with him, probably won’t work out.

By the way, a journalist Iryna Romaliyska also drew a parallel with Petrov and Bashirov, adding that it was… the bottom. The bottom, which Natalia Vlashchenko and journalist Oleksandr Mamay broke. Well, maybe now, nobody will knock us from beneath.

Well, I’m not tired of sharing with you these cool summaries of this 15-minute trash. For now, we have a short version from the blogger Anton Hodza. In fact, whatever version we look at, everyone is telling the truth. What a fine cut this episode has, what a deep and elegant interview. What a superficial sarcasm I have.

Or these are results of the interview by blogger and political scientist Leonid Shvets. And apart from all that list, which I hope you’ve read in the screenshot, the department of SBU counterintelligence replied that there was no check of Semochko. I don’t know whether he lied or told the truth? Because the one doesn’t match another.

And in the end, I will add a post from journalist Marina Daniluk-Yermolaeva, who recalled that a week ago was the 12th anniversary of the well-known movie “Hepa and Dopa agitating in Kharkiv”. So, the worst thing about Dobkin was that on that video there were far more emotions and even glimpses of an effort than Mr. Semochko had on the ZIK air. So be more emotional and keep safe your information space. See you!

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