Of course, maybe you’ve heard about this fascinating success of the MPs, but for those who missed everything, we’ll tell you everything. The Verkhovna Rada considered the appeal of the Prosecutor General’s Office to lift the immunity from Oleksandr Vilkul and… failed the vote. Only 137 MPs have voted in favor of it. More about anger in the network – in reactions from Opinion.

Well, let’s start, of course, with the joy of the very Oleksandr Vilkul, just not to return to his page again. So, immediately after the results of the vote, he wrote that everyone had witnessed a “farce, arranged by politicians from the Prosecutor General’s Office.” It’s already interesting, right? He said that his lawyers found in the actions of GPU signs of seven criminal code breaches. It’s strange, of course, that they haven’t found anything on Vilkul himself.   So, at the end of the post, the “inviolable one” promised to continue the political struggle against this regime and corruption terrorism, which they (apparently, representatives of the same regime) have deployed. Oh, Oleksadr, you can still make it to the train…

But the initiator of the cancellation of Vilkul’s immunity, the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko named the voting results a day of shame for the Verkhovna Rada. According to him, this has shown that to show in the declaration 155 million, to sign orders that carry 5 million losses to the state budget, and to order the withdrawal of two workshops of a strategic object from the state property – is quite possible. So, the law of the drama is preserved, he is your joy, here’s your anger. Now let’s move on to the other reactions.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov named voting results as a present for Vilkul himself. Why? This situation can add an aura of a hero to his image of an opposition representative, who is oppressed by the authorities and will create an additional PR for him. Moreover, the expert added that he might think that authorities have been nominating the “opposition representative” for participating in the presidential election, but Boiko is making some adjustments to his PR. So, who exactly will run from the “Opposition Bloc” – is yet unknown. Or maybe they will get bored and won’t go to the elections? Can it happen?

However, the idea that Vilkul could have been elected as a candidate from the “Opposition Block” was also expressed by a blogger and activist Nazar Prykhodko. Thus, according to him, the Verkhovna Rada made a “martyr” and “oppositionist” from him.

But the MP and former journalist Mustafa Nayyem reminded that all those deputies who didn’t vote for the immunity removal from Mr. Vilkul, for 15 years were demanding to cancel the institution of parliamentary immunity at all. But maybe they’re just scared to start with Vilkul. You know, everything happens.

Journalist Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva in her turn emphasized that the small show with the attempt to remove inviolability… was predictable and boring. Meanwhile, the “hero” of our review himself was able to master the Ukrainian language, because with fairly decent lexical variations he made up a monologue about his innocence. This is gentle Ukrainianization. But in some cases, I would better turn on a gentle deportation. But who will listen to me? Little cog… Maybe the editor will even remove it from the text.

On the other hand, MP Hanna Hopko is convinced that the failure of voting is evidence of shameful behind-the-scenes arrangements when one hand makes a statement about the removal of immunity, while another (or others) for some reason don’t press the “for” button. It is important that the question itself was not about the arrest of Vilkul, but simply about the possibility of conducting investigative actions. Thus, most of the post-Maidan factions deliberately let the other side win.

By the way, about those who didn’t vote. Someone kept silent, and someone tried to justify himself. For example, the MP Ihor Mosiychuk said that he had something more important than to attend the voting because he was in the Shevchenkivskyi district court of Kyiv and tried to get out the veteran of the war Viktor Kaminsky (“Zhak”), who, during the fighting for Ilovaisk, saved lives of several hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers. By the way, later Mosiuchuk wrote that “Zhak” was set free.

And now we take our imaginary camera and send it to MP Volodymyr Parasyuk. He says if we can’t find a gavel for Vilkul, then a tree with a strong branch been waiting for him for a long time.   Well, Parasyuk is a guy who without a tree can do some punches and kicks. True ideal of a politician, in one word.

The blogger Roman Shraik simply reminded that the Verkhovna Rada is not a jury trial since the level of guilt is not determined in the hall. It simply gives permission to consider the MP as an ordinary person. And then, let the court decide whether there is a crime or not. So, Shraik points out that when MPs rooting for the abolition of immunity in principle, and then refuse to back the case of some conditional Vilkul, know: they are hypocrites.

People’s deputy Viktor Chumak admitted that it is not surprising to see how Vilkul was charged with a seven-year-old case, which has no judicial prospect. Buried “Boyko’s towers”, investigations on the Maidan, Novinsky case, Dobkin, and so on. Chumak emphasizes: this all is an imitation. An imitation of reform, activity, and responsibility. “Simulacrum” could say some intellectual, but I will just remain silent.

“In such a difficult and prominent, historic time for Ukraine, such actions of the MPs, even when someone had bought their votes, poses a threat to national security,” said the author and volunteer Myroslav Hai, in addition, asking whether the hall of the Verkhovna Rada would be semi-empty, if suddenly the RF starts a full-scale invasion. Generally speaking, it’s a fair dialogue. Unfortunately, he was liked and reposted not by people’s deputies.

Volunteer Rodion Shovkoshytnyi stressed that in his opinion, Vilkul not only deserves criminal prosecution but also earned a terrible and painful death for a long time. According to the author of the post, if we make a conditional rating of the existing ones… let’s call them enemies, then the “opposition member” will be at the top of this list.

Sergii Ivanov, a blogger, and journalist, named such results of the MPs’ vote a logical consequence of the situation when the political Prosecutor General makes a statement, first of all, taking care of his own political career and not taking care of the fate of criminal proceedings, and deputies don’t vote in a precautionary manner. Well, because they really understand the probability that soon such a political Prosecutor General may come for them. And, of course, not with empty hands, but with the same procedural stuff. Justice, in which nobody is interested, is quite a loud result. And Vilkul is cheering there, going to fight someone. Thank you for visiting our circus. We sincerely hope that there will be no further acts in our program.

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