It seems that a well-known Kremlin propagandist and provocateur, Graham Phillips, has decided to show up again. This time he desecrated the grave of Stepan Bandera in Munich, he tore the Ukrainian and UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) flags and attached a banner with an offensive inscription to the grave cross. The results of his “work” Phillips uploaded to his own YouTube channel. More about new tricks from friends of Moscow – in reactions from Opinion.

I decided not to add to this post the video where Graham Phillips once again reminds of his essence and funding sources. If it’s necessary, you can find it on the network without any problems. Especially because the video was instantly picked up by pro-Russian resources and Russian “Media”. Actually, I won’t be surprised if it was a plan.

So, before moving on to the comments and reactions of the Ukrainian blogosphere, at the first place I propose to find out how the officials and institutions reacted. And then, with a clear conscience, we will start our traditional review. So, shortly after the uploading of the video, MP Volodymyr Ariev said that the German police took into account video from Stepan Bandera’s grave. The situation itself the people’s deputy commented rather laconic: “Russian world is a virus that damages the brain.” Aha. And if you add some “Russian” money there, it turns out to be really interesting.

On the page of the Embassy of Ukraine in Munich, it was noted that according to the appeal of Stepan Bandera’s relatives and a number of private individuals, the Munich Police filed a case on the issue of disturbing the rest of the deceased. Also, it’s still possible that Phillips will be brought to responsibility for the desecration of the memory of the deceased. For now, all the necessary operational and investigative actions have been carried out by the police. In the near future, the relevant package of documents will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Separately, on the embassy’s website, they thanked the citizens who were in the cemetery during the Phillips’ illegal actions and decided not to respond with aggression and violence to his provocations. That’s why the source of aggression is only one and obvious, which greatly simplifies the assessment of the situation for law enforcement agencies.

Pavlo Klimkin, foreign minister of Ukraine, drew his attention to the act of Russian propagandist. He claimed that the Russian Empire had fought against Ukraine and with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, then they killed Bandera, and now his tomb is desecrated with the hands of propagandists-provocateurs. However, the minister promised that the legal assessment would be provided by an impartial prosecutor’s office.

The activities of the propagandist were also commented on at the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. According to an employee of the institution Pavlo Podobyed, this case not only calls us to react at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but at the same time raises an extremely important issue – the creation of the Ukrainian National Pantheon. Volodymyr Vyatrovych, the head of the institute, explained that under the national pantheon they mean a place where will be real and symbolic burials of the most prominent figures of Ukrainian history. It will be very important for everyone because only in the place where the dead are remembered, there are those who protect the living.

Clearly, the news about the deed of the Russian mercenary was perceived by the Ukrainian segment of the network quite unambiguously. For example, MP Ihor Mosiychuk stressed that the enemies are afraid of Bandera even though he’s dead, therefore they’re constantly trying to destroy his grave. The People’s Deputy declared that he has taken this case under personal control and asked the Foreign Ministry and the embassies in Germany and Britain to make appropriate appeals to the law-enforcers. Mosiychuk adds: if the European law enforcement agencies don’t come for Graham Phillips, Ukrainian nationalists are going to come for him.

The blogger Olena Dobrovolska confessed that she believes in the parallel universe, and explained that she had seen a lot of thug creatures in her life, who heavily paid for messing with that world. The author says that there were a lot of those who were burned even with one name, and Bandera is still more alive than them.

The blogger and veteran Roman Kulyk, in his turn, emphasized that everything was clear with Phillips, instead he was annoyed by those who came to honor Bandera on the day of his death, but then silently observed the hysterics and screams of the Russian propagandist. Kulyk believes that at least somebody could have guessed that the provocateur of the Kremlin has come there on purpose.

Public activist Demyan Ganul appealed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and other people’s deputies to prevent such provocations and make every effort to transfer the grave of Stepan Bandera to his homeland.

Journalist Oleksiy Hodzenko also addressed the minister, stressing that for his actions, Graham could have completely illusory punishment, and asked if they were going to work in the Foreign Ministry on this issue.

Yuriy Syrotyuk, a politician and a member of “Svoboda” party, stressed that after Poroshenko had introduced the greeting “Glory to Ukraine” in the army, he is obliged to protect the memory and honor of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych by resuming their Heroes of Ukraine title, which were taken away. But even more importantly, in the opinion of the politician, is to protect all Ukrainian heroes from desecration. Including the creation of a national pantheon of heroes.

However, the volunteer Ksenia Bykova, not without irony, emphasized how he boldly and desperately fought the Russian propagandist with the Ukrainian Insurgency Army’s flag. At the same time, he didn’t touch the state flag of Ukraine. From this volunteer proposes to draw the following conclusion: the red-black flag should be made the flag of the Armed Forces, and then nobody will be able to touch it, as well as the state one.

Instead, the blogger and labor market expert Serhii Marchenko is sure that Phillips danced not on the grave of Stepan Bandera, but on entire Ukraine, because the aim of his curators is not Bandera, but all of us. According to the author of the post, Moscow hires such “heroes” to at least somehow mitigate the pain of Russia’s greatest tragedy – the ultimate loss of Ukraine that has fed them for the last 300 years.

Historian Ihor Khodak appealed to German lawyers and lawyers of Munich of Ukrainian origins with the request not to be aside of this, but to drive this “ugly Kremlin dog” back to his house for the desecration of the grave of a fighter against Nazism and communism.

Yevhen Leshan, a journalist, and former politician suggested that Graham simply didn’t consider that posing with the dead (as, for example, with Bandera’s memorial) could lead directly to the opposite. Well, he will come and bring order, as promised. At least, personally with Graham Phillips.

Journalist and blogger Viktor Leshyk also was outraged by a pro-Kremlin provocateur. He assumed that at least in some country they would still be able to find a leash for this “anti-fascist”. Well, it’s quite possible that Germany will be this country. Especially considering the Ukrainian Consulate in Munich latest statements. But they still need to catch Graham.

The issue of the creation of a military memorial cemetery (the symbolical term “Arlington”) and the national pantheon was raised on the page of the journalist and TV presenter Vitaliy Haidukevych. In his opinion, even though there is a problem with a place for Arlington, there is a place for the national pantheon. The journalist emphasizes: we really need this complex. This should be a place where the ashes of a limited circle of people, with whom the struggle for Ukrainian statehood is associated, should be reburied. There should always be a ceremony for the change of honor guard, and it is the place where presidents must go after the inauguration.

Moreover, Haidukevych is convinced that there is nothing complicated in this since we have already working mechanism for the creation of a documentation and contest of the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity. The national pantheon should, in the opinion of the author, should be made the same way. Moreover, it may take less than 5 years from the instruction to begin work before the ceremonial opening. Therefore, we have two options: either to reflect on the news or to start collecting our heroes from all over the world, where we can do this. For Ukraine needs a place of power.

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