The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the Criminal Code on criminal liability for the citizens of the aggressor state for the illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine. 243 deputies voted for the bill number 7017, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

The document establishes criminal liability for illegal crossing, committed with the purpose of causing damage to the interests of the state or person who are forbidden to enter the territory of Ukraine or representatives of units of the armed forces or other law enforcement agencies of the aggressor state in any way outside the points of entry through the state border of Ukraine.

Illegal crossing of the border by a person who has the citizenship of the aggressor state or another person in the interests of the aggressor state, which is contrary to the national interests of Ukraine, will be punishable by imprisonment for a term up to three years.

For repeated acts or its performance by a group of people, liability will be imposed in the form of imprisonment for a term from three to five years, and the commission of such acts with the use of weapons – for a period of five to eight years.

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