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Indian summer is another season of the year. Everything is clear with the classic seasons because spring is always blooming, summer is bright and hot, winter is with snow and frost, and autumn is rainy, sad, and cloudy. And when in the autumn, instead of slush of grey clouds, the sun shines for almost a month, the air temperature reaches +20 +24 degrees, and the mists only emphasize this beauty ‒ the heart sings from such a synoptic situation. And Indian summer is justly and patiently waiting to be granted the status of a separate season.

In the coming days, the anticyclone, and it is the anticyclone, who organizes the comfortable weather in Ukraine, will keep the dry air mass.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The rain in all areas is not expected. Meteorological events will be presented by fog and haze.

Deterioration of visibility is possible up to 300-500 meters, so drivers should be more careful in the night and morning hours, especially in low-lying areas.

Fogs contribute to the accumulation and freezing of smoke from burning leaves and garbage, as well as harmful emissions. This should be taken into account for people with breathing problems.

The air temperature fluctuates almost in the summer limits, in the afternoon it is expected to be +18 +24 degrees.

On October 20 and 21, Ukraine will begin to receive colder air, so it is expected, starting from the western regions, a decrease in air temperature to +9 +15 degrees.

On October 20 and 21 it will be raining in some areas.

The first half of next week, October 22-25, will be marked by cold weather in Ukraine.

During the day, the temperature in the western regions will be +8 +13 degrees, in most areas +10 +15 degrees, in the southern part up to +16 +18 degrees.

At night, it is expected to +3 +8 degrees, in the south to +9 +12 degrees. When clearing in Ukraine, frosts of 0-4 degrees are possible, except the south.

Next week rains are most likely in western and northern regions.

In Kyiv, on October 18-19, the domination of the anticyclone and warm air mass will continue; in the capital, there will be dry weather with daytime air temperatures of +18 +20 degrees.

On October 20, the amount of cloudiness will increase and the air temperature will drop slightly, to +15 +16 degrees.

On October 21 is possible rain and further cooling in Kyiv. The maximum air temperature on Sunday will be +12 +13 degrees.

On October 22 and 24, dry air mass will prevail, and on October 23 and 25, on Tuesday and Thursday, there may be little rain.

Night air temperature will fluctuate within +3 +6 degrees Celsius, frosts of 0-3 degrees are possible with clearings.

During the rains in the capital, the wind will increase to gusty.

According to the forecasts, rains and cold are near, so you need to have time to sign a petition accepting Indian summer as another, special season of the year. Beautiful, sunny and gentle.

Text by Natalka Didenko

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