Among all the news, good and bad, it’s worth not forgetting about important and active cultural front. Have you been to the screening of Ukrainian film “The code name ‘Banderas’”? If not, then you have to hurry, because there’s not much time left. Opinion collected reviews and reactions to Zaza Buadze’s movie, read and booked tickets for our cinema.

On the day of “The code name ‘Banderas’” premiere, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko noted that he was proud that a patriotic, high-quality cinema, which spectator enjoys, is created with the support of the state.  Separately, Poroshenko also noted film’s soundtrack by a band “Bez obmezhen” (Without limits).

Ukrainian film and culture minister Yevhen Nyshchuk urged Ukrainians to watch the film. According to him, “The code name ‘Banderas’” is a high-quality truthful film with real stories of real people in a real war, but at the same time, it’s an interesting and entertaining action film created under all the laws of the genre. The minister says that at one of the recent screening in Kyiv, the audience began to applaud during the final titles and the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” was loudly answered by “Glory to Heroes”. In his opinion, it is a sign that the viewer needs such films, heroes and our own movie stars.

Separately, the minister added that the process of establishing domestic cinema is on-going, and today it has only one vector of development and it is forward. After all, we have a new national premiere almost every week: huge box office of comedy “Crazy Wedding”, people are eagerly going to the screening of the film “Donbas” and so on.

MP Hanna Hopko also recommended supporting the Ukrainian film by visiting the cinema. In the opinion of the people’s deputy, it is especially important to watch this film for those who have never been to the East of the country. And one more: the war is going on, and it is our common duty to win it.

But they also write about certain problems on the internet. For example, Larysa Nitsoy, a writer and public figure, described how in Chernivtsi… she couldn’t find at least one screening of “The code name ‘Banderas’” in the local cinemas. Subsequently, Nitsoy added that film was added to the schedule at 9 am and at midnight. However, this according to the author of the post did not change much: she believes that Chernivtsi cinema owners are whether enemies of the country or “latent separatists”. Something like this.

The people’s deputy Iryna Podolyak told about her visit to one of the Lviv cinemas. It turned out that it was decided to show the film in the hall with for only 34 places, that’s why a significant part of those who had wanted to watch the Ukrainian film went back home empty-handed. According to MP, she was fortunate: she got a small chair.

Just after watching film Podolyak added that everybody should watch “The code name ‘Banderas’”. The People’s Deputy also apologized for everything and added that after such a film you want to pray.

Historian and journalist Vakhtang Kipiani believes that “Banderas” is an interesting and necessary tape with clearly positioned accents. It shows the war in Donetsk with a Russian enemy who was able to capture the brains of the region’s population. Therefore, the personal “grand prix” of the post’s author was given to piece, where the Russian shell strikes the TV, where at that moment propagandist Kiselyov is telling about the “Ukrainian fascists”. Shouldn’t you go to the cinema just for this?

Journalist Bohdan Kutyepov is sure that, with the exception of several weak or pompous moments, the film is made with a good taste. There are truthful scenes, normal dialogues and new actors – all them are different, but there are good ones. Also, it has good operator work and cool music. The verdict of the author is: the movie is good, you have to go.

A civil activist and former head of the Odesa branch of the “Right Sector” Serhiy Sternenko admitted that, despite a relatively small budget, the film impressed him. Total grade: 9 out of 10, because there were a lot of tension, a good actor’s performance and quite a accurate realism of the most scenes. The only significant disadvantage is the lack of promotion. Almost nowhere, except for social networks, Sternenko couldn’t see advertising of premiere, and it is very frustrating. After all, in his opinion, it is films like this that are raising awareness on one of the most important topics – the Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbas. ”Our enemy spends billions of dollars on propaganda. We are spending almost nothing to spread the truth. Support our product,” urges the activist. And it’s hard to disagree with it.

Instead, writer and journalist Irene Rozdobudko stressed that the film is structurally verified, and all twists are at their places. All storylines of the film are complete, as well as side lines. And a separate occasion to celebrate for those who say that there is no “Ukrainian hero” – he is finally there. He’s not whining, he does not talk too much, loyal to his love, wins, and so on. This, according to the writer, we can display abroad – it won’t lose.

Yuriy Zhuravel, musician, painter and civic activist, named “The code name ‘Banderas’” the best Ukrainian film in recent years. After all, it is both a detective and drama, action movie, and even a comedy. Furthermore, there was made a decent director work, acting and cameraman’s work, stuntmen and special effects are of a good level. No pathos and excess stuff, it stimulates you to think about your place in the life of Ukraine. This is a recommendation for those who may still be able to get to one of the last screening, but still hesitating.

Journalist Oleksiy Hodzenko named the film “an action movie that people who were at this war are unlikely to enjoy, but it can be good for the rest of the population”. According to his report, the film has slightly exceeded the amount of gasoline in the shellings, there are a few goofs in terms of military affairs, as well as a significant amount of hyperbolization, both with regard to “our guys” and “separatists”.

The journalist and TV host Andriy Bulgarov is convinced that the creators of the film managed to make a good product, but not for a mass audience. Moreover, the journalist emphasizes that there is no mechanism in Ukraine for such films as “The code name ‘Banderas’” to become box office hits. Therefore, summarizing his thoughts and reflections on the film, Bulgarov states: this is the movie that will not disappear after the screening, and people will watch it in a year, or even ten. One more thing, whether the authors wanted it or not, they managed to make a decent Ukrainian patriotic film, which causes one main emotion – to stand for the defence of our country.

However, journalist and former politician Yevgen Leshan noted that “The code name ‘Banderas’” is an example of high-quality Ukrainian propaganda, with the exception of several moments. First of all, historical authenticity: the author of the report doubts the correctness of battalion and machinery’s demonstration on the line of separation. But the most unlikely, Leshan points out a linguistic question. According to him, “pure” Russian could only be left for FSB officers and “pure” Ukrainian – partly for the Ukrainian military. Others would like to speak either “surzhyk”(the mixture of Russian and Ukrainian – translator’s note) or “a typical Donbas accent.” Then it would be plausible, here we have some sort of translation from some foreign language.

In general, Leshan names this film “good propaganda”, which is intended to show why, for what and for whose desires peaceful inhabitants of Donbas were dying. So, who else wants to lose the last opportunity to watch a movie in the cinema?

Konstyantyn Matviyenko, a writer, political observer and public figure, also advised watching the film. The arguments are as follows: everything is of a good quality – from the plot to the pyrotechnic effects, costumes, scenery and dialogues. As for the acting, if it is possible to nag a little bit, then, in general, it’s only those who played the enemies. However, according to Matviyenko himself, “it is always difficult to play bad guys.” The conversation about “Russian world” was slightly simplified and schematized, but, given the circumstances, it did not bother eyes too much. So, my darlings make your conclusions and choose on what to spend your hard earned money.

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