Tragedy in whose land

The horrific tragedy in Kerch. Twenty-one people dead and dozens injured. Information about the tragedy is controversial. The first reaction of Russian media – it was a terrorist act organized by Ukraine. At lightning speed, there began a talk-show. Its participants imprecated curses on Ukraine and called for “military response”. In a while, it appeared the attack had by a lone gunman, the student of the same college who seemed to have repeated up to a small detail some of the worst scenarios of a typical American school shooting.

According to the most recent data, the perpetrator jumped over a fence, got into the building, proceeded to the second floor, changed his clothes, took out his gun and explosive devices and the massacre began. He was eighteen years old. My first thought – the boy was insane. Most likely it is so. He finally committed suicide in the school library.

After Beslan tragedy, nothing similar occurred. At least not in the territory… In whose land did the tragedy occur?

We consider Crimea to be ours. Crimea is Ukraine. We are supported by the world community. All maps that are edited NOT in Russia show the Crimea peninsula as part of Ukraine. That means the tragedy occurred in Ukrainian land.

Yes, but no, because for several years the territory has been controlled by the occupants. And they are the occupant security services that control the occupied peninsula. They are occupant courts that sentenced Oleg Sentsov to twenty years of imprisonment for the intention (!) to explode the monument to Lenin. Does it mean then it is their tragedy, their failure?… No, there is no somebody else’s tragedy in our land. If it had not been for the shameless annexation and forcing the Crimean population to obtain RF citizenship thus depriving the residents of their Ukrainian citizenship, those guys would have been the citizens of Ukraine, they would have been preparing to become workers who work for Ukraine. If… But there is no “if” in reality.

I still think the residents of Crimea are captives rather than traitors as they are often referred to in social nets. Our army appeared not to be ready to repel the aggressor. We delivered Crimea with all its residents to the new owner as if it were at the time of serfdom. What could peaceful citizens do? Just escape. Many people did that. Not all of the residents had strengths to leave their homes though. This is the tragedy in our land, it is our tragedy. It occurred because of the malpractice of the occupation authorities unable to defend our and their children.

Once it occurred in Beslan. Now – in Kerch. In our Kerch. Therefore I find it really disturbing when I hear some of my compatriots say that the Crimeans got a fair revenge for “treason”. It is very much in the mould of the Soviets to call them traitors – the people we were unable to defend in the land we were unable to keep.

Borys Khersonskyi

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