Sergei Loznitsa’s film “Donbass” was released the last week. It had already managed to make a name for itself at the world movie arena, travel around international film festivals and even be nominated for the Oscar. Also, this film has become one of the hottest topics for discussion of the domestic blogosphere. What exactly is written about Loznitsa’s “Donbass” and how unanimously (or not) Ukrainians perceive the movie – in the traditional review of reactions from Opinion.

“To go or not to go,” that is the question about film “Donbass”, which could have repeatedly asked everyoneб both those who’ve already seen it and those who’re still hesitating. Journalist Alla Khayatova is sure: if “The Codename ‘Banderas’” is about how we fight, then Loznitsa’s tape is about why and with whom. In the beginning, the author advises you… not to go to the movie. Because it’s painful and scary. It won’t even make you cry, you’ll have cramps in the jaws. This picture doesn’t have a hero or heroes; it does not have a clear storyline. The film is dirty and without “happy end”. And yet, Khayatova says that it’s cool. When all your impression from a movie you can fit in one word “stunning”, but at the same time you can’t fit anywhere.

Should you go? Alla Khayatova says that we must go. Not in order to say later that we’ve seen this great picture before the big awards. But in order to understand. In particular, the fact that art shouldn’t be enjoyable. But, at the same time, art gives joy when you touch it. No, there is no answer what should we do with Donbas. There are only new questions. And according to the journalist, they are raised in a very cool way.

Actor Roman Yasinovskyi, who played “Hid” in “The Cyborgs”, is convinced that this is a movie that touches every vein, a movie where you cry and laugh. The movie about Donbas, which everyone has to see.

People’s Deputy Mykola Knyazhytskyi was also stunned and surprised by the “Donbass” movie. According to him, this is the strongest film by Sergei Loznitsa. The views of the director reminded the MP of the Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich. According to Knyazhytskyi, both of them hate the Soviet reality, while remaining a part of it. Both are extremely talented and controversial. However, the deputy advises watching the film, because it is a brilliant, deep and delicate work.

Myroslav Gai, an actor and volunteer, said that he can compare his feelings and impressions after watching the film only with the latest picture of Aleksei German. This is a kaleidoscope of human shit under the microscope, a total victory of evil. The author of the post, in the end, notes that the film is worthy of your attention. He also advises to watch it to citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Montenegro and Belarus, because, probably, something similar may soon be there.

Civic activist Demyan Hanul insisted that everyone should see this film because it perfectly transmits the state of affairs in the so-called “underrepublics”. There is everything: both regular military forces of the Russian Federation, the author’s composition of militia, and the life of the separatists, and the takeover of business alongside the humiliation of Ukrainian soldiers and shellings of their own positions. It is a unique combination of laughter and anger with tears in eyes.

A journalist Oleksiy Hodzenko, in his turn, wrote that the movie was shot horribly. Extremely long shots for a few minutes, a set of well-known videos of the first years of the war. And the hyperbolisation in the film, in the opinion of the journalist, can be compared to Russian films about “evil Fascists”. Moreover, Hodzenko believes that sending this film to the Oscars is about the same decision as it was to send Hryndzholy band to 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.

Journalist Tetiana Dotsyah obviously wouldn’t agree with the thesis about long shots. After all, according to her, this is a very cool movie, with no stiff scenes and where nothing is exaggerated.

The blogger Olena Dobrovolska has named several reasons to go and watch the “Donbass”. Firstly, this is a Ukrainian product that needs to be supported. Secondly, it is a product that’s causing an incredible “butthurt” for the aggressor state. And thirdly, if it seems to you that life’s lame, you have a wonderful opportunity to see what the true, genuine and concentrated “lame” looks like. And when the light during the titles is on, you will thank God and the Ukrainian army that you are not there on the other side of the screen.

By the way, Dobrovolska was right about our neighbours. After all, on the page of the Russian embassy in Australia, they have already “criticized” the picture by a well-established pattern. It is said that this film is engaged, politicized and aimed at inciting to international strife. The movie, which allegedly speculates on the national tragedy. In short, after such a “review” on the part of Moscow, it’s worth watching for sure.

The “pharmacy made” film, this way writer and journalist Iren Rozdobudko described “Donbass”. What does it mean? This is when every drop is verified, nothing has overdosed, all in one measure and everything is super professionally according to all parameters: structure, dialogues, work with actors, the connection of beginning and finale. As a result, the writer added that, indeed, the film is worthy of being nominated for the Oscar.

The singer, TV host and artist Angelica Rudnytska admitted that the film left an unpleasant feeling and it’s not about the movie. It’s about what the inside where can be such feelings: during the hybrid war, feelings are also hybrid.

Journalist Sviatoslav Khomenko is convinced that it could be better if… they would work on a film one more year. But in this matter, a lot depends on the goal. If the task was to tell the West what kind of a “Mordor of black humor” was in the Donbas, in order to help the average spectator to determine whom to root for, then perhaps the goal was reached. The journalist says that another thing is that the average viewer somewhere more western than Poland will hardly have a chance to watch this film.

Journalist Yulia Pyatetska stated that the director of the film, Sergei Loznitsa is ruthless, he boarded up all the cracks through which at least one beam of hope could get. In reality, everything is much more complicated, more ambiguous and multidimensional. In “Donbass” everything is clear, linear and hopeless. And where are people in this film? First of all, Loznitsa is not the one who can comfort. Secondly, people are in the bomb shelter. And thirdly, people they are just people, ordinary ones. The housing issue only spoiled them. “Son, have you been waiting for a long time?” The film actually is about it. Read the full review on the screenshot, there are no spoilers here.

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