So now, let’s turn to music, and even more to politics. The leadership of Kharkiv Law University suddenly canceled the previously agreed meeting of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk with representatives of the city’s legal community. The topic of the event should be recently published by the singer article on the rule of law and judicial reform. In a word, now more and more people know about the meeting with Vakarchuk. How the network responded to this – in reactions from Opinion.

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk‘s fan page added his video message. According to him, the refusal sounded like this: “because of objective reasons we can’t provide you with a room”. The singer is convinced that it is reminiscent of times when all issues were resolved “from above”. However, the leader of “Okean Elzy” wasn’t left without a location for a speech: it was changed rather quickly, and Svyatoslav himself emphasized that the meeting will be held “no matter what political weather is.” Heh, however, I think, now it will be necessary to increase the number of seats because the network hype has already done its job. What about hype? Let’s look at this together.

Let’s start with the post of political expert Olexiy Minakov. According to him, what happened to Vakarchuk’s speech is the real world of Ukrainian politics. And this is just the beginning of obstacles because it will be difficult to get away with it. However, according to the expert, this entire campaign of discrediting the singer with probable political ambitions is only in his favor, since it creates the image of a non-systemic fighter whom opponents are afraid of, the one who doesn’t give up without a fight. But so far Svyatoslav Vakarchuk tactfully maintains a pause. Thus he gives others the opportunity to fight with each other in trash and dirt.

It’s interesting that Andriy Sadovyi, the Mayor of Lviv, who recently announced his intention to participate in the presidential election, responded quite quickly to all these events. “Coincidence?” I will be some kind of philosopher and say that time will tell everything. Meanwhile, Sadovyi calls the authorities “soviets” and “vassals”, the one which pisses of its own “bosses” even where they didn’t want. What a rhetoric, Mr. Andriy, it’s immediately clear that you have more than enough confidence.

By the way, a member of the faction “Samopomich”, the People’s Deputy Roman Semenukha also paid Vakarchuk a rather delicate post. According to him, in Kharkov, the city has long established a total censorship on the leading media, special services are engaged in prosecuting activists and disloyal businesses, the public sector is scattered. However, the actual refusal to Vakarchuk is a rather serious event. “The state is very ill and the disease, unfortunately, is progressing,” thinks the doctor… that is the deputy Semenukha. What about, “Samopomich” (direct translation is Self-help – translator’s note) is it rushing to help, or what?

Even this comment from Sadovyi’s political force was not the last. Olena Goroshko, deputy of the Kharkiv City Council from party “Samopomich” noted that she is totally against the situations when someone prohibits any artists, politicians or civic activists to speak. A person must always have the right to choose. Here I am sitting and thinking: should I bring up some betrayal or not? Speaking about “any artists”, do you speak about those from that side of the border? But it’s nothing. However, it’s quite interesting that “Samopomich” decided to defend the frontman of “Okean Elzy” so vigorously.

MP and ex-journalist Mustafa Nayyem, in his turn, noted that Harvard and Stanford universities invited Vakarchuk, but rector of the Kharkiv National University… refused. With no explanation, simply breaking the contract “because of objective reasons”. The People’s Deputy emphasizes: this is our reality, the one where years of progress’s imitation have simply been wasted. The rector’s decision is a vivid indicator of absurd, which still dominates minds.

A blogger, volunteer, and public activist Nazar Prykhodko agreed that the whole situation is shameful, even taking into account a very controversial attitude towards the singer as a politician. After all, it is a typical Soviet practice, guided not only by personal hostility but by political expediency and behind-the-scenes arrangements. On the other hand, what could Vakarchuk expect from the homeland of Kernes? Hardly a warm welcoming or hot tea. Prykhodko stresses that one must understand the realities of Ukrainian sad nowadays because Ukraine is divided into zones of influence. It is because of this that nobody is sitting behind the bars: for nothing and never for almost 5 years since the beginning of EuroMaidan.

People’s deputy Svitlana Zalishchuk was more concise, only adding that it was difficult to come up with a better advertisement for Vakarchuk’s lecture. The only thing that could be advised to these “geniuses” is to turn off the light and the throw in a smoke bomb into the audience. It’s just if the creative manager suddenly breaks down and stops working.

Instead, lawyer Oleh Leontiev believes that a person who wants to be president must work under constant stress 24 hours 7 days a week. For this, you need to be a fighter. “They hadn’t let you in the Academy – go to the train station”. Yeah, you can even get to the next city with a lecture straight away.

Journalist Mykhailo Tkach slightly paraphrased the reason for the refusal “for objective reasons” to “force of the Bankova gravity”. By the way, this force of gravity is applied to any position, which depends on Bankova. Moreover, the journalist (just wondering whether it was a joke) even derived a formula by which this force can be calculated. We need only two factors: mass (weight, position, wages), which is measured in hryvnia, and acceleration of “free fall” from an office. The last one can be measured in calls, divided into UAH.

Well, for someone the thing that happened to Vakarchuk is quite a good opportunity for PR. So, MP Viktor Chumak took advantage of this, saying that he was also denied in Kharkiv, Odesa, and Mykolaiv, however, this was not so much of news for the media. Mr. Viktor, maybe before that, it was necessary to release a few albums, or at least have a stadium concert?

In the end, just to relieve the tension a little bit, here is a post of a former Party of Regions member and the current MP from the “Opposition Block” Mikhail Dobkin. Frankly speaking, I don’t even know how to translate it at all. In a word, Mr. Michael, the text is written badly again.

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