The teacher was fired last week, information was confirmed by the director of the Department of Education of the Kharkiv City Council Olga Demenko, UNIAN reports.

“Today, the educational process has begun, and Nataliya Tolyarenko has not started her work. Now the computer science courses are led by another teacher. I find it unacceptable when such a person teaches children and prepares teachers”, Demenko said. The teacher, who was also expelled from the parents’ committee, works half-time at the Kharkiv National Pedagogical University (KNPU). According to the rector of the university, there are no grounds for dismissal of the employee.

The scandal in the Kharkiv school №151 broke out on October 19. At the initiative of the representative of the parent committee of Natalia Tolyarenko, sixth graders at the sweet table marked the end of the academic semester. Student Diana did not get a cake, the girl cried and complained to her mother. The woman argued that her parents did not give money to a sweet table and at the expense of others he was not allowed to take care of a child.

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