Oleksandr Baidyk, a lawyer for former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych suspected of treason, asked the court to resume a judicial investigation in order to question 13 witnesses. The court rejected him, reports UNIAN.

“The court gives you an explanation. In this trial, we interviewed 52 witnesses, 15 of whom were from the protection side. At the request of the defense, the court allowed questioning witnesses Mykola Azarov, Andriy Klyuyev, Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Alexander Yakimenko, and Pavlo Lebedev. These witnesses have been summoned to the court more than 10 times, but without a reason, they did not appear for questioning. Therefore, the court ended the investigation without questioning them. The Court also notes that the circumstances upon which you substantiate the questioning of witnesses who were questioned in the pre-trial investigation, then several dozen witnesses were questioned in those circumstances. Therefore, at present, the court concludes that there are no grounds for the resumption of judicial investigation”.

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