About replenishment in Ukrainian politics. Singer Anastasia Prykhodko said she gets off the stage and goes into politics. According to her, there, she will have more opportunities to help Ukrainian soldiers, temporarily displaced persons and everyone who’s in need. Prykhodko decided to join the team of… Yulia Tymoshenko. Prykhodko called her the strongest politician of Ukraine. More about unexpected twist – in reactions from Opinion.

So, let’s start with Anastasia Prykhodko‘s post. There, a singer (or already an ex-singer?) explains that, while thinking about her future, she came to the conclusion that as a politician she would have more opportunities to help “all those in need.” Prykhodko sees her help in restoring social justice for every needy citizen of Ukraine.

According to Prykhodko, quite a lot of politicians and leaders of different parties met with her and offered cooperation. However, the singer made her choice and joins… the team of Yulia Tymoshenko. Why? Because she believes that Tymoshenko is the strongest politician who impressed Anastasia with her human qualities. The author of the post is convinced that in this team she will be able to fulfill her politician’s potential. Something like this.

Brother of the singer, volunteer, blogger, and public activist Nazar Prykhodko commented on the decision of his sister to join Tymoshenko’s team. He stressed that the author of “the New Course” has never been his candidate and politician, whom he would be eager to follow. Therefore, Prykhodko’s brother was surprised and confused with such a decision. However, Nazar Prykhodko added that this is a personal choice of his sister, the choice of an adult with a solid background.

A political expert Olexiy Minakov recalled that in May this year the singer assured that she would go to the young and won’t cooperate with Tymoshenko’s party. What are the consequences of such decisions? Minakov is convinced that this kind of “intervention” in the politics by these “celebrities” only adds more trash and a circus to already absurd Ukrainian policy.

Roman Donik, an activist and volunteer, treated the decision of Prikhodko rather skeptical. The author explains it the following way: the singer, known in certain circles as a patriot and volunteer, legalized transition to pro-Russian parties of those patriots and volunteers, who are ashamed to say openly that they are ready to oppose Poroshenko even in alliance with the enemy Now nobody can say that Tymoshenko’s party didn’t help the front, moreover you won’t be able to say that there are no patriots.

A blogger and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war Roman Kulyk, in his turn, is sure that there is nothing sensational in the singer’s statement, especially if you take into account Prykhodko’s “visit” to the “Radical Party”. Instead, Kulyk characterized Anastasia’s words about “carefully thought-out decisions” as rather ridiculous ones since she left the “radicals” without achieving any goals. And now – a new, well-considered decision on Tymoshenko, with the same wording, which she used while, joining Lyashko in 2015.

However, a blogger Mykola Voskalo, with a wonderful sarcasm, tried to mock those who focus exclusively on Prikhodko but forgets many other “candidates” for discussion. For example, those who entered politics with Tymoshenko, and then bailed on her, or a deputy of the presidential faction, who is rooting for the owner of “Inter” and sponsor of the Party of Regions.

Journalist and former People’s Deputy Yevhen Leshan noted that at the subconscious level, Anastasia Prykhodko and Nadiya Savchenko are constantly confused, which means that they have to work hard to separate from each other. Well, it happens, in short, nothing terrible.

Well, a good comparison from journalist Mykhailo Tkach, who equated the end of singer’s career and the transition to Timoshenko’s team with the beginning of a diet and… a promise to eat a hundred cakes.

Oleksiy Tsymbalyuk, a “killer” who had to kill Arkadiy Babchenko, but instead messed up all the plans of Moscow, jokingly wondered how much money Prikhodko got. He says, of course jokingly, that he himself would join her for a “good price”.

Andriy Aliokhin, a blogger, writer, and actor is sure that such political decisions are Russian common practice – to put in front of the parliament “dumb” athletes, “flexible” gymnasts, and singers from the Soviet times, because this way people will go to the elections as to holiday. Of course, Prykhodko’s participation in Eurovision on behalf of Russia was also recalled. Well, Anastasia, don’t you think that we could miss it?

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