Top-notch geniuses of PR and masters of electoral technology kicking themselves and swallowing tears, as Ukrainian presidential candidates appeared on the battlefield for the Ukrainian electorate. To drink coffee at the gas station and be “accidentally” photographed – this is a life of the politician who wants to change our country for the better. But it turns out that you can neither drink coffee in peace nor get away with it. How at the gas station together with espresso you can get two spoons of not a very successful PR – in reactions from Opinion.

Apparently, one of the first, who was “accidentally” seen at the gas station was the President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko. I wrote “accidentally” in quotes because the authorship of the photo was long attributed to the blogger Myroslav Oleshko. However, suddenly it turned out that the first lady was photographed… by her own assistant. It was only the beginning, which dated last autumn, that is, a year ago. And you know trends get to us, not so quickly.

A real furor in the network was made by a picture of Yulia Tymoshenko. At the end of October this year, she was quietly drinking her morning coffee at the gas station, then some good people could not resist taking out their smartphones. You know, Ms. Yulia is just lucky with such “photographers”. They recognize her while she’s jogging. Someone may say “PR”? God forbids, only a new course, only politicians who are close to the people. Have you turned on your sarcasm, right?

Something more about “randomness”: as if by accident, Yulia Tymoshenko herself recalled the coffee at the gas station in one of her posts. Right, randomness – it is always random, nothing can be planned in this life.

Do you think this is the end? Nope, even one day hasn’t passed, as Anatoliy Hrytsenko joined this flash mob. However, this candidate was openly posing for the camera and even uploaded the photo on his own. Everything is done right, Mr. Anatoliy, because some blogger may put it on his page and take away all of your likes. And who needs it? Coffee for Hrytsenko turned out to be not the morning one. He says that it tastes better after a busy day, on a way home. So, dear candidates, learn how to stand up against the system and clearly separate yourself from the general mainstream. By the way, sarcasm still has to be on.

What should you do, if of a sudden there is nobody to take a picture of you, and you really want it? Come on, you just take a picture of a gas station, and write that you’re somewhere there, inside. At least Viktor Chumak did so. I don’t know, Mr. Viktor, whether this is some kind of sophisticated joke, or you’ve really tried to join the “leaders of coffee races”, there is always a  front-facing camera that can save you from such inconveniences. However, it’s OK, I’m counting that as a try, have a nice coffee!

By the way, the practice of other candidates demonstrates that it’s better to look for voters far from the gas stations. Because while someone buys coffee over there, Oleh Lyashko, a leader of the Radical Party, talks with his voters at the bus terminals of Ukraine. Mr. Hrytsenko, it’s not too late to make a power move and join the less popular movement.

Well, it’s clear that it wasn’t without trolling and jokes (in both cases of a different quality). For example, a sensational confession from the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko. She said that she even ate sausages at the gas station! However, she didn’t take pictures because hunger was bigger than that. Ms. Iryna, my applause, I’m even ready to get the title of “Gerashchenkobot”. It’s beautiful.

But not Ms. Iryna alone. Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan also joined the trolling in comments to Gerashchenko’s post. He says that he’s happy that he took photos before the election campaign period when it hadn’t become a mainstream. Mr. Volodymyr, Google is silent to my requests. If you have time send me a link, I add it to this review.

Nonsense! All Ukrainian Media that respect themselves, attention! At the gas stations, Ukrainian politicians can buy not only coffee but even a washer fluid. However, they also decide not to be photographed. Volodymyr Ariev wrote about this in his post. I do believe him, although I buy coffee and hot dog more frequently. Maybe I’ll find my photo in the network one day.

And we continue our journey around the world of unbelievable originality of Ukrainian PR.   Advisor to the president, businessman and volunteer Yuriy Biryukov is convinced that all this show (but we believe in the sincerity of each picture, don’t we?) is just a way to be closer to people, a candidate that is not ashamed of having some coffee at the same gas station that his voters use. However, Biryukov confesses that he also likes to drink coffee at the gas station, so maybe he has to become a candidate?

Mykhailo Tkach also boasted his “accidental” photo. They said that he was photographed when he drank a plain coffee at a plain gas station. You know those journalists, they’re constantly dreaming of joining the politicians, right? Somewhere Serhiy Leshchenko is happily smiling.

However, there is a cool option with the help of which all coffee candidates can hope to get a victory. At least the very first one. Writers Kapranov brothers told about this. They say that the winner will be… the one who will take pictures at the station for electric cars. Hey, not a bad task. Mister Anatoliy, are you still reading? seize the day, carpe diem, or how it is said.

And a few more questions on the topic from the journalist Maryna Daniluk-Yarmolaeva. Will there be photos of the same candidates, who refuel cars with their own hands, and will they dare to take pictures from Glusco. The rates are rising, I’m afraid to open the next screenshot.

A bit of “coming out’s” in our review: media expert Dmytro Simanskyi was also drinking his coffee at the gas station. Listen, I’m now sitting in a coffee shop, drinking something like black coffee, and it seems that I am the only one who wasn’t at the gas station yet. It’s not true, right?

Whom can we really see when we come to an ordinary gas station, to drink an ordinary coffee? Sergey Naumovich, a blogger, answered this question with a wonderful illustration. Actually, in this photo are everyone for whom he is ready to vote.

And finally, a few tips from a journalist Sergii Kostezh. He says it’s better not to work on a template. It’s better to take pictures of your employers in shitty pubs.   A bad taste should be tasteful because it’s somehow boring on the facebook. And I honestly and sincerely agree with it.

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