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Between the Scandinavian frosts and snows, the impressive flooding in Venice, sleet in the south of France, the storm winds in the UK, Ukraine almost all October soaking up the sun, beautiful fogs and incredibly comfortable heat, when the thermometers even exceeded historic heights.

On October 17 in Kyiv, for example, +24 degrees was observed, which exceeded the historical heights of this day of 1885 and 1990. On October 18, the air temperature in Kyiv broke the record of 1967 and reached +23.1 degrees (information from the Borys Sreznevsky Central Geophysical Observatory).

November in Ukraine will also begin with relatively high air temperatures, stray fogs and anticyclonic weather patterns. And, therefore, no significant rain is foreseen. On November 1 and till the end of the week, dry air mass will prevail in most regions of Ukraine, which will be given to us by the eastern anticyclone. On November 3 and 4 there is a possibility of drizzling rain in the western part of Ukraine and in the north.

Humidity will increase fogs, with which visibility deteriorates to 300-4500 meters. Fogs can provoke accidents and increase the concentration of harmful exhausts in the air. Take care of your safety and health. The air temperature during the day will fluctuate within comfortable limits, as for November and deep autumn. It is expected +12 +18 degrees in most areas, +16 +20 degrees in some places in the west and in the southern part. The coldest are Sumy, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions, the maximum is not higher than +9 +13 degrees.

The beginning of the next week will not bring significant changes in the weather to Ukraine. The anticyclonic nature of the weather will be maintained when significant precipitation is unlikely. Fogs and haze are expected at night and in the morning. The air temperature during the daytime will be +12 +18 degrees, in the north and in the east +9 +15 degrees.

The beginning of November promises to be mostly dry in Kyiv, with periodic fogs, and slight fluctuations in air temperature. On November 4, there is a chance of a slight rain in the capital. The air temperature at night is expected in the range of 4-9 degrees. During the day you can still walk around with the comfortable air temperature of +11 + 15 degrees.

The long stable and favorable weather of October and early November in Ukraine suggests that we do not appreciate our wonderful temperate continental climate. And when the real gray rains come, the gloomy puddles shine, and the trees give up all their leaves, we will be grateful to this great time of anticyclonic smoke and high air temperature.

Text by Natalka Didenko

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