In Odesa, investors are required to pay up to 50% extra of the cost of an apartment in a residential complex, which for 12 years stays unfinished. Among the deceived investors – Oleh Mykhailyk, whose struggle with the developer is considered to be the main reason for the assassination attempt.

Oleh Mykhailyk and dozens of deceived investors came to a press conference of the head of “Morskyi-1” Cooperative Oleh Nevzorov. He talked about the residential complex “Aquamarine”, which couldn’t have been commissioned for more than 12 years. Activist Mykhailyk stood up against this very real-estate developer.

“People have invested in housing 10-12 years ago, but in a few years, the construction works were stopped. Now the developer demands money to complete the object. For some investors, he offers to pay up to 50% of the already paid sum for an apartment. At the same time, the memorandum does not specify any rights for people, only their duties. When I’ve entered here and was going up the stairs they threatened me again. Is it really necessary to kill a person in order to solve the problem,” Mykhailyk asked.

However, Oleh Nevzorov refused to answer this and other questions of investors and after a small scandal escaped from the building.

In 2005, Oleh Mykhailyk became one of the investors of housing complex “Zolotyi bereh” (Golden Coast). After a while the construction works were finally stopped, he began to fight for the rights of investors with the firm “Progress-Stroi”.

The regional prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case and arrested the buildings. Then the company’s management was able to find a partner – Oleh Nevzorov and his cooperative “Morskyi 1”. They’ve begun to sell the apartments for the second time. Because of this, part of the premises was arrested again and the construction works have stopped.

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