A scavenger is an animal that feeds on carrion. But this text is about a Russian cultural figure, who is a sort of scavenger as well.

His face is familiar to every connoisseur of classical music. He is so famous worldwide that his face appears on every single poster of the concerts he conducts. It is a recognized, distinguished face, often shown by Arte and Mezzo channels.

He is, without a doubt, a charismatic personality. Perhaps that is the reason why he is so stunningly popular. His rough, even a little wild face, always unshaven and frowning, contrasts a lot with the sophisticated world of symphonic music. The Neanderthal conductor of the orchestra — isn’t it a magnet that attracts Mezzo viewers to the screen? Sharikov’s replica and Beethoven’s music together make an unforgettable impression!

Even though everyone has already figured it out, I will tell you his name. Valery Gergiev. Please welcome! Let’s give him a hand! After all, he is an extremely talented musician, who was even once called a genius.

It is true, Gergiev is one of the best conductors in the world. Several concerts under his leadership were exceptionally good.

Such concerts, unfortunately, are becoming increasingly scarce, and quite a few critical reviews on his work have started to appear recently in Russia and the West.

It is not surprising though — Valeriy Gergiev has too little time. First, he has to scrupulously suck up to the reputation of the Putin regime, show his face in dozens of interviews and do his best to earn as much money as possible in Moscow, London, Paris, New York, Palmyra or Tskhinvali!

Gergiev is a true one-man band, a chief cook and a bottle washer. A talented musician, an enterprising manager, an innate PR specialist, a political opportunist and an unprincipled scavenger. If he had been born in Chicago or Munich, we would have never found out about any of those traits of his. But he was destined to come to life in Moscow, to become a fruit and co-creator of the “Russian world”, which opens and illuminates the worst and the most rotten and vile in every person’s essence.

That is why Valeriy Gergiev is not ashamed to hype himself, receive state awards (his breast iconostasis is as rich as Brezhnev’s one already, it includes even the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise presented to him by Yushchenko!), loyalty of the Kremlin authorities, and thus gross money on cynical political affairs, Russia’s aggressive wars and people’s deaths.

Gergiev’s signature under the letter of the cultural figures of the Russian Federation in support of the annexation of Crimea seems quite logical in this light. A servant must serve. But money is no less important, so later in his interview for one of the western media, the conductor said that he allegedly had not signed anything, and his name appeared on that list accidentally. What an extremely unprincipled and stingy person.

His concert in Tskhinvali on August 21, 2008 (two weeks after the start of the Russian-Georgian war!) is enough to get a clear understanding. Let me remind that Gergiev is Ossetian, so the event had an extremely symbolic significance. Not all the people killed in the region had been found and buried by the time the composer was already on the screens — a true servant who is ready to cover his boss Putin with the beauty of classical music.

Do not be surprised that after the massacre in Beslan, Gergiev also played a concert in memory of its victims. His cynicism has no limits: last year Mariinsky Orchestra and a well-known conductor performed in the demolished Syrian city of Palmyra. Like any scavenger, he is attracted to a corpulent smell, death and a profit connected with it. He is ready to perform everywhere, providing his service of the art screen for Kremlin criminals and wars. Like a bird that hovers in the sky, but feeds on the remains of the corpses.

A scavenger!

Andriy Lyubka

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