The activist’s surname became a symbol of the struggle against the impunity of the perpetrators and the vulnerability of the activists, on which one after another, assassination attempts were made. The question “Who ordered Katia Handziuk?” is about everyone who dared to challenge the system and subsequently became its victim. Yesterday Kateryna passed away. About how friends and acquaintances recall the activist, and who should be responsible – in reactions from Opinion.

The page “Who ordered Katia Handziuk” reported about the death of the activist. The reason – she couldn’t recover from an acid attack, during which a liter of acid was thrown at her. An autopsy will show the clinical cause of death, however, it won’t give an answer to the main question: who killed Katia Handziuk?

Serhiy Sternenko, a civic activist, on whom three assassinations attempts were made, said that all this time, Kateryna suffered infernal agony and said that even to change her dressing she was given general anaesthesia. Even though she felt inexpressible suffering, she fought and wasn’t going to give up. Sternenko stresses that no matter what the official cause of death will be, she was killed by this assault. As well as inactivity of the police and the silence of those who had the ability and authority to punish the customer.

According to the activist, Katуna’s blood is primarily on the hands of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, whose subordinates are sabotaging the investigation. At the same time, all of us are guilty of her death, even though we’ve done everything we could, this was not enough. Because we were tolerating terror and allowed it further.

Instead, a blogger Anton Hodza tried to explain whom Ukraine had lost. We lost our fighter of the informational front, uncompromising one, effective and patriotic. Hodza admits: he doesn’t know how we will go on without Kateryna, without her ideas, evaluations, energy, and perseverance. The only thing that can be done now is to continue her struggle, the directions that she set for herself. But the priority task is to punish everyone who is guilty of her death. Kateryna can’t be replaced, but you can at least continue her work and save the memory of her.

The president of Ukraine also commented on the death of Handziuk. Petro Poroshenko appealed to law enforcement officers and ordered them to do everything possible to find killers of the activist, to put them in the dock and punish the perpetrators. “All of us need to unite our efforts and help law enforcement agencies to punish the evil,” the president said.

However, the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that the investigation of law enforcement agencies will be completed soon, established executors and the organizer will appear before the court. Separately, Lutsenko added that he will fulfil everything he promised to Kateryna during his visit to the hospital.

The People’s Deputy Iryna Podolyak insinuated that it is time for the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Attorney General to resign on their own initiative and to apologize.

Mustafa Nayyem, an MP and former journalist, stressed that what happened wasn’t just death in the hospital, it was the result of a brutal attack which system tried to abandon. After all, the goal of organizers and executors of the assassination was reached – Kateryna Handziuk is dead. However, Nayyem is sure that they are just an instrument in someone’s hands, and this “someone” is waiting for our further action. The only way we can stop these or this “someone” is only actions and reaction, the real one, not virtual, the reaction of all of us, community and government. Because exactly on how and what we will do depends whether we will victims of acid attacks and will they cut and shoot us in the back.

Therefore, the People’s Deputy urged journalists not to write about death, because, in fact, it is a murder. He also appealed to law enforcement officers, adding that it is necessary to call things with their proper names and, if they can’t do it they should resign.

A blogger and writer Zoya Kazanzhy, while responding to the tragic news, recalled “Odesa girls” who were frothing at the mouth talking about “bad Kateryna”. “Life and death are a very delicate matter. It’s better not to play with it. Especially when a person is on the very edge”.

Subsequently, the blogger added that she is now thinking about our total vulnerability, helplessness in front of misfortune at any moment. She also recalled how one former detective in a private conversation admitted that it’s possible to solve 90 % of cases. It only needs the leaders’ desire and the political will of ones responsible for the security forces.

Olha Reshetylova, a coordinator of the Media Initiative for the Human Rights, in her turn, set a quite fair and convenient not for everybody range of questions.. In particular, was it really necessary for Kateryna to die, in order a strong statement was finally made by the president, the police began to re-qualify something, and the Attorney General decided that this was his personal grief? But is it really necessary for Kateryna to die, so that people who have not yet noticed the problem of attacks on activists, have started to write profound posts about it?

An MP Borislav Bereza believes that the assassination of Kateryna Handziuk is a continuation in the list of the surnames of Sheremet and Gongadze. After all, when they don’t find the customer of the first murder, the following one occurs. Impunity generates relapse, and if society accepts it publicly takes it as a rule, then the following ones happen.

Journalist and editor-in-chief of the Internet portal “Tsensor.NET” Yuriy Butusov named the death of Handziuk a tragedy that will become one of the symbols of our time. Now, this is not an attempt, it’s an assassination. The author of the post suggests that perhaps it’s worth moving the trial to the capital because there are the best conditions for protection for the period of investigation, the most staffed courts and public attention. A trial in Kyiv may allow investigating this case quickly.

The fact that Kateryna will be a symbol was also written by journalist Dmytro Lykhoviy. The symbol of a simple girl who fought against falsehood and had no fear. A girl who was killed for it, by paying money to the performers.

The State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, Agia Zagrebelska, stressed that if the entire law-enforcement system of the state after this tragedy is unable to answer the question “Who ordered Katia Handziuk?” it’s not important what influenced it more corruption or incompetence.

A blogger Serhii Marchenko is convinced that in reality most of the network’s users didn’t give a damn when Kateryna Handziuk was alive and fought with local “tsars”. The number of people who really helped her to fight was as much as you can count on one hand. As for the death of activist and the other people, it won’t change anything until we can change ourselves and start helping the living heroes, instead of mourning the dead ones.

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