Wednesday, 19 February

The Business Insider edition ranked the ranking of the strongest armies in Europe, which took into account factors such as geography, logistics, natural and industrial resources, diversity and quantity of weapons and equipment, the amount of live power, the development of the country as a whole and others.

According to the edition, the military budget of Ukraine for $ 4.88 billion, 1.1 million personnel, 2214 tanks, 240 military planes, of which 29 fighters and 25 naval vessels provided the UAF 10th place in the ranking. Greece, which is twice as consecutive to Ukraine as the number of tanks and personnel, has 189 fighters and a military budget of $ 6.5 billion. Russia was recognized as the strongest European army. The second place was occupied by France, closing the top three leaders of the United Kingdom. On the last, 25th place in the rating was Belgium.

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