The Attorney General of Ukraine during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada declared that he resigns, “so that there would be no doubt that nobody clings to power”. Yuriy Lutsenko asked the parliament to consider his appeal this week, he also assured that he would do everything he promised to Kateryna Handziuk. However, according to the results of the rating vote, only 38 deputies supported his resignation. More details – in reactions from Opinion.

On his page, the press secretary of the Attorney General Larysa Sarhan quoted Yuriy Lutsenko‘s statement, in which he emphasizes that he can’t accept “diarchy in the country, when the law-enforcement system is destroyed without evidence, even for the solved cases.” At the end of his appeal, Lutsenko also appealed to parliamentarians stressing that they should decide whether Mustafa Nayyem would be in charge of investigation and disclosure of perpetrators from the TV screen or it would be law enforcement agencies who are responsible for it.

A brother of Mustafa Nayyem, a lawyer Masi Nayyem reacted to the last statement of the Attorney General. According to him, in fact, law enforcement bodies don’t bear responsibility. Well, legally they bear, and de facto – no. For after all the time passed after the attack on Handziuk, no law-enforcer was punished, as well as an investigator. Although there are reasons for that.

All in all, the whole speech was briefly described by a blogger Anton Hodza. This is in case if you’re lazy to watch the whole video, but wondering what was said there before the announcement of the decision to resign.

However, as soon as it became known about the intention of Yuriy Lutsenko to resign, Facebook began to discuss actively such a statement. For example, political expert Olexiy Minakov emphasized that this is a symbolic step to take the edge off society because of the murder of Kateryna Handziuk. However, a completely different question is whether parliament will vote for it. And, as it became known later, rating vote demonstrated that parliamentarians don’t support such an initiative by the country’s chief prosecutor.

Former MP Viktor Ukolov believes that the actions of the Attorney General should have put an end to political speculation on the mourning of people. This is a condemnation by the actions of populist politicians who cynically use any situation for their own purposes.

Political commentator Pavlo Nuss called Lutsenko’s statement the most courageous and principled decision that characterizes the Attorney General as a bona fide leader of the law-enforcement system, who sincerely wants to get the results of the Handziuk’s case investigation. However, even before the vote, Nuss expressed confidence that the parliament won’t have enough votes to approve such a request, because now there is no substitute that would complete all the resonance cases. Including the case of Viktor Yanukovych.

On the other hand, the People’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko is convinced that the main motive for such a statement is Lutsenko’s desire and attempt to get out of the ship that goes straight to the bottom. He said that Lutsenko wants to adjust to a new project before the elections. In a word, Mr. Leshchenko is able to reach the highest peak of “betrayal.” As for a real life – we need to wait and analyze.

Activist Oleksandr Vinnytskyi stressed that to resign is not enough. An internal investigation is needed as well as full investigation of the activities and evaluation of the prosecutor’s office efficiency as a whole, alongside the prosecution for official negligence.

“Rotten game” – that way a columnist Dmytro Lytvyn described the statement by Lutsenko. He said that it’s some kind of explosive information that should block the negative background for the president. Back then, even before the rating vote, Lytvyn wrote that the failure of the vote would mean for the ruling parties a vote of confidence to Lutsenko. In general, something like this is already possible and can be seen, at least in the posts of some users.

However, not everybody focused their attention on the statement of Lutsenko. So, the first deputy head of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin emphasized that this is the first prosecutor who gives an objective assessment of the National Police’s actions, and after such words, there is a desire to work even more.

However, MP Yegor Sobolev characterized the statement by Lutsenko as a fake because he didn’t write a request to release him from duty, which is required by law. Also, a speaker Andriy Parubiy conducted a rating vote without any reason and contrary to the procedure of resignation of the Attorney General. We already know the result of the simulation – 38 votes.

A journalist Tetiana Vysotska also wrote about the fake statement, stressing that it is a show in order to distract us from real problems of the state. After all, the Attorney General said that he would resign, but in fact, he did not understand it. Instead, the People’s Deputies held a “vote of support”, which, like Lutsenko’s statement, is not legally effective. In the end, nothing has changed, there was only a surge in the media.

Yevhen Budaretskyi, deputy editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda, also noted that the failed rating vote in the Verkhovna Rada has no legal force since the prosecutor didn’t make the statement itself. However, he can still do this, and then there will be a substantive conversation. Buderatskyi also reminded that the Minister of Agrarian Policy Taras Kutovyi has long applied for resignation. Although his application was not even considered, he does not go to work – he keeps his word. Let’s see if the prosecutor will keep his.

And finally, a brief explanation of the situation and guidance from the volunteer Rodion Shovkoshytnyi. In a rather metaphorical way, he emphasized that if Lutsenko really wanted to resign, his actions must have been different, not just acting for the audience. That’s the case.

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