Part of the People’s Deputies who fell into the sanction list of the Russian Federation wrote a letter to the Russian president in the style of … a letter from the Cossacks to the Turkish sultan. The original text of the appeal didn’t have any significant changes, and the MPs themselves even took care of their appearance. Read more about deputies’ “performance” – in reactions from Opinion.

Oleksiy Honcharenko wrote about the letter to Putin from Ukrainian MPs who fell under Russian sanctions. He says that they’ve decided not to reinvent the wheel. MPs just adapted the text for a new recipient.

Separately, Honcharenko shared with us his joy that the recipient – Putin, for the first time in his presidential term will receive reliable information about himself. Well, you know, this is not some green gloves in PACE.

How to stop laughing? One of the “Cossacks”, who put their signature under the appeal to Putin, was the People’s Deputy Oleh Barna. He himself writes that the deputies under the leadership of Honcharenko managed to write a letter to “Moscow Shaitan”.

What exactly expected Honcharenko and other MPs is unknown. Obviously, they were waiting for a wave of positive reviews in the network and a positive assessment of the parliamentary trolling, however, Facebook users have responded to this statement rather ambiguously. So journalist Mariana Pyetsuh is convinced that “the authors” of the letter want to be shown on the Russian television, in order to post screenshots from airs and say that here I am, Putin’s enemy. Oleksiy Honcharenko, as it was fairly expected got the biggest portion.

But this was not the end: the journalist somewhat rewrote the MPs’ letter to Putin. Which of the two versions is now more truthful and correct – it’s you, not me, who should decide. However, the author stresses: it is pure baseness – to make PR out of empty sanctions from Russia, which at the same time kills Ukrainians in the east. And it does it without any sanctions.

Journalist Tetiana Vysotska also reacted quite sharply and negatively to the deputy’s “letter”. She is convinced that such “performances” are evidence of the need for authority’s change. And this is what we can do during the elections. Something like this.

Journalist Tetiana Danilenko wrote quite succinctly about how MPs can benefit from such “action”. This way, Ukrainian politicians are “adjusting” for the Russian TV show an image of… stupid Ukrainians.

Blogger Oleksiy Zakharchenko had bothered to list a few things, which the People’s Deputies could do instead of posing for the photo. For example, to work on legislation that prevents Russian aggression and the return of temporarily occupied territories, to resolve gas issues, and to investigate the murder of Kateryna Handziuk. However, this last passage of the author about “Poroshenko and Putin are working together” is not quite clear to me (I’m not a Poroshenko-bot). But that’s it. The network is free for reflection and utterances.

Zakharchenko recalled Kateryna Handziuk for a good reason. After all, as journalist Oleg Tudan aptly reminded, today the activist’s funeral is taking place. And really, why not to play in role games at this time.

“Sometimes our greatest enemies are we ourselves,” is one of the comments’ variants for the image, which, for a few more days, will be in the spotlight of the network. And there could have been some more important things, but who now remembers this.

However, not everybody reacted to the initiative of Honcharenko so negatively. For example, the former People’s Deputy Viktor Ukolov just added that some Ukrainian deputies don’t even need makeup to match the characters of the picture. Well, if everybody used the make-up, the effect of the letter would have increased several times. This is a well-known truth.


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