For the effective fight against domestic violence in the capital of Ukraine appeared Institute of Family Counselor. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice within the framework of the system of free legal aid the Head of the Department of Justice in Kyiv Stanislav Kutsenko told UATV in an interview.

“Family counsellors are volunteers from the Ministry of Justice who assist citizens in issues of domestic violence, non-payment of alimony and other complicated problems that occur in the family,” Kutsenko explained. To create the Family Advisor Institute, we have used the progressive experience of the US and the EU.

According to the guest, the functions of the family counsellor will intersect with the functions of social services. “But family advisers are not rivals to the authorities, because they are volunteers, people who have experienced the violence themselves and can help others, share their experience,” said Stanislav Kutsenko. He noted that the project is planned to expand to other cities – Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro and Kharkiv.

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