From now on, on November, 8 the third stage of the introduction of quotas on Ukrainian-language songs and radio broadcasts has come into force. Now at least 35% of the songs should be in Ukrainian, and the share of programs in the state language should be at least 60%. More about the quota victory – in reactions from Opinion.

Of course, such news did not provoke an extremely violent reaction on the network. What to discuss here if the third year in the row quotas are increasing and there is no betrayal at all? So, Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko stressed that during the two years that the law is in force, no radio station has been closed, and there are more and more of new and wonderful songs in Ukrainian of all genres.

As it is explained on the page of “Russian pop music boycott”, the increase of the quotas up to 35% is the third step in implementing legislative changes on the sound of the Ukrainian language on the radio channels. At the same time, the volume of Ukrainian-language songs should be provided during the day, as well as in each time interval between 07:00 and 14:00 and between 15:00 and 22:00. Although, those radio stations that broadcast over 60% of their songs in the official languages of the European Union must provide at least 25% of the songs in the state language. However, these features must be registered in the company license.

An MP Hanna Hopko told us how all of it had begun and what our radio before the introduction of quotas was. According to her, then there were almost no Ukrainian songs on the radio, and in the prime time for one Ukrainian song, there were 10-20 Russian. Talented musicians with cool music were coming to the doorsteps of radio stations in vain. As for the listeners, they just as vainly tried to hear from the speakers their native language. Moreover, when MPs, together with activists and musicians, fought for the law on songs on the radio, media owners said that there was no Ukrainian music, and if the law was passed, the radio stations would be closed, and the listeners would stop listening to the radio. Well, it seems that no one has been closed so far, and people are still listening to the radio.

Taras Shamayda, an activist and co-coordinator of the “Space of Freedom” movement, recalled how it all began, stating that on the first day of the law on quotas for the Ukrainian song, radio broadcasts were filled with cool Ukrainian music.

Politician and diplomat Roman Bezsmertnyi admitted that every evening after he finishes all his work, he necessarily switches on the music. He is listening to everything: from classics to rock, he’s following trends, knows new artists. He even shared his “top 15” favorite Ukrainian songs with his readers.

Olexiy Minakov, a political expert, also shared a selection of his favorite performers. According to him, the results of the introduction of quotas on Ukrainian songs are shocking, since the percentage of songs in the state language has become larger than required by law. Compared to other European countries, this is one of the largest quotas in Europe. In the end, it forms a strategic progress in shaping national identity.

Serhiy Osnach, a member of the Expert Committee on the distribution and demonstration of films at Derzhkino, an activist of the Civic Movement “Vidsich”, stressed that thanks to the quotas, 54% of all songs on national and 48% on local and regional radio stations already sound in Ukrainian. According to Osnach, before the introduction of quotas, there were less than 5% Ukrainian songs on the radio.

A singer Svitlana Kravchuk, supported the news and reminded that only two years ago, even 35% of Ukrainian-language songs on the radio seemed something unreal. Today it is our reality.

MP Viktoria Syumar noted that for a long time there have been more than 35% of the songs in Ukrainian on the radio. Why? Because Ukrainian music turned out to be talented and commercially successful.

Former MP Viktor Ukolov recalled the time when the last Ukrainian-language radio station “Radio Lux” switched to Russian. Back then Roman Andreiko, the director of the station, which remained Ukrainian in Lviv, told to Ukolov that there was no politics in it because it is a purely commercial solution: it’s hard to find commercials for a Ukrainian-language station in Kyiv. Now, the same Roman works as an MP and, according to the author of the post, he also voted for these laws and is satisfied with the Ukrainianization of radio space. Is there anyone who’s against?

A journalist Vitalii Haidukevych also shared his views on the anniversary of the quotas. The author of the post says that back in time he would like to shoot himself when he listened to Ukrainian music: low quality of the record, aesthetically retarded, idiotic.   Now the journalist admits: he does not remember a sound of Russian pop music, because the Ukrainian sound has obtained a style.

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